Prepare To Launch

The lube launchers from GoodVibes are an interesting little device, and one in which I hadn’t seen before.  What you get here is a set of tubes and one plunger, which are designed to help you insert lube anywhere you like.  I saw these, and the first thing I thought of using them for was anal play.  True, you can use them vaginally – but I don’t see the vagina as being as difficult to lube as the anus.  You are welcome to lube any orifice you need to, or both!

The device is really very simple to use.  Make sure the little black rubber cap on the end is on, then take the plunger out of the other end.  Slowly pour the desired amount of lubricant into the launcher, you can use silicone or water based lubes with no problems.  Next, remove the rubber cap, and slowly depress the plunger until lube starts coming out the other end.  Insert either in the anus or vagina, and depress the plunger as much as you need.

In the above example, I know I overfilled the launcher.  I wanted to make sure you could really see the lube in there.  I hope the picture helps you.  Vaginally, I didn’t notice a problem with these.  When I tried to insert this into my anus though, there was a sharp edge on the end of the toy and I snagged my butt a little bit.  It’s OK now, but you’ll want to make sure to sand any rough edges before you use this anally for the first time.

The mouth of the launcher is much wider than you’d imagine, so it makes putting lubes in there a breeze.  You’ll probably want to prep these ahead of time though, since it does take a little bit to get the lube in there.  I recommend prepping it maybe in the morning if you know you’re going to have sex that night.  You could even keep the lube in there for a couple of days if you needed to.

Cleaning these is pretty easy.  They are made from ABS plastic, so just scrub them with water and soap, or you could put the tube in the dishwasher.  Bear in mind that unfortunately, the plunger that comes with these is not dishwasher safe.  You could also use a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.

I really think these make lubing the anus much more pleasant and easy than before I had them, and I love them.  I’m giving them four paws:

Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the chance to try out these Lube Launchers in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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