You’d better all be thanking right now!  They have given me so many cool things to give to all of YOU lately, and I’m here today to offer you all yet another fun prize.

I have two hours worth of free time to Passionate VOD to give away, and I’m going to give it to two winners.

That’s right!

Two winners!  And because I am the one doing the shipping, I am willing to ship these anywhere in the world!  International (outside of the USA!) entrants, rejoyce!

How do you enter? Go to and tell me one thing that you’d be interested in trying.  You don’t have to link it here, just list the name of the item. 🙂  That’s it!

For EXTRA entries you can do any of the following (but none of it is required!):

  • Tweet about the contest once per day.  Include @babeland_toys and a link back to this contest.  (1 entry per day.)  Make sure to come back here, and leave me a link to your tweet.
  • Tell me your favorite porn star’s name. (1 entry).
  • Vlog about the contest.  Put a link in the text box of your vlog letting people know where to go to enter.  (10 entries).
  • Blog, Tumbl, or use any other social media to let people know about the contest.  Be sure to link me back here.  (10 entries per “blog”.)
  • Follow @Babeland_Toys on twitter.  (3 entries)
  • Leave a comment on any of my past, present, or future (as of the date of this entry) reviews or blogs.  Comment must be useful (at least one sentence).  No “one word comments” allowed.  Be sure to link back here with a link to the entry you commented on.  You get one entry per comment, and can comment as much as you wish.

That’s it!

Please make sure that you post each entry separately.  Blobs of text will not be counted.  For example, if you blog about the entry, leave ten comments.

Contest ends on July 15th at Midnight Mountain Standard Time.  I will use to choose a winner shortly after that.  Please be patient. Sometimes comments (especially with links, or multiple comments) will go to spam, and it might take me a couple of minutes to fish the comment out of spam.  It will be posted.  Promise.  ALL entries are verified.


63 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. I first discovered it on the computer in my early teens. Back then, Internet speeds were so slow, it was difficult to get pictures to load. First discovered videos after I got married.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Meandering Matt,

      I just wanted to let you know, that even though some of the rules have changed – you are entered, and ALL your entries will be counted. I apologize for the change. My post got eaten this morning, and I had to re-create it, and couldn’t remember all of the exact entries I had before. Rest assured you are entered and all is well.

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. Oops, seems first thing didn’t post. From babeland – nearly any lelo vibe, but especially the Siri one… tested that at a local store and it was only my bank account that prevented me from walking out with it. :p

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