Weekend Recap

The weekend started off with some fun play time, and Master and me were excited about what the weekend might bring.  We had plans to go and see more apartments, and lots of other fun planned too. Saturday morning I accidentally overslept, so Master went out on his own to do a couple of errands while my hair dried.  I called my Mom to chat, and got a head start on some of the household chores (like laundry and dishes).

We got out of the house a bit later than planned, and then went to Subway to get subs before we went on our hunting spree.  We were gone until after 6PM, and then went home to (hopefully) eat dinner, swim, and relax a bit.  I got a tiny bit of sun while we were out, too.

While I was eating dinner (which was a bit different than Master’s food) I thought it tasted a bit off, but was so hungry I decided to keep eating it anyway.  We hadn’t eaten in about seven hours by the time the cooking was done.  Boy, do I regret that.  I woke up at 3AM with the worst stomach pains, and I’m back to having a hard time eating or drinking anything.  I absolutely cannot believe that I have food poisoning again so soon after just having had it for the first time.

What can I say?  I think that this year is buggered for me.  Sure, good things have happened – but I just seem to be sick an awful lot this year.  I seem to go through a year of bad-ish health every other year, and I can’t explain it.  Nothing to do but keep trying to do everything right and counting down till next year.  Just six more months.  We’re half way there.  >.<

The good news is that there is so much to look forward to!  This coming weekend is Slut Walk Denver,  the following weekend is Thunder In The Mountains (A local, kinky event), and the following weekend we’re going to a local Renn Faire with a friend if she can make it.  If not, we’re going alone!  We’re not missing it this year! 🙂  Then, we have one weekend free before we start applying around for an apartment.

Here’s to looking forward to future fun!  (FYI:  Master is doing great!)

Mew! <3

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I know I’m a bit late (I hope – I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer this long) but wormwood is great for all kinds of digestive tract problems. It’s also so bitter that you have to force yourself to drink it. But afterwards you feel much better.

    *pets* Hold tight!

    1. @WildOrchid Nope, you’re not late. 🙁 Still sick over here. 🙁 I’m waiting on some test results to come back from the Dr today or tomorrow. I’ll put wormwood on my list to try if the Dr doesn’t have a quick easy solution.

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