Royal Butterfly

Royal Butterfly, In Its Box

I hate rabbit style vibrators.  HATE.  It must be my anatomy or something, but I can never ever get a perfect fit, and either the clit stimulator can’t reach, or it smooshes my clit painfully.  I was stalking looking around on MyPleasure, and that is when I saw this gorgeous thing: the Royal Butterfly.

The box is big, but when you consider the fact that the vibrator it houses is 10.5″ long, with 6.5″ being insertable and a girth of 1.5″, it makes sense.  I literally daydreamed, and gabbed to Master Pravus about how excited I was for this toy before it arrived.  When it showed up, I eagerly rushed home with my package, and opened it up as soon as I could.  Master Pravus was standing over me, and “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” too.  This is, after all, a very pretty toy.  We took it out of the package just to see it up close, but we had to run out that night so it had to sit and wait for another day to test it out.  When we got home that night, Master Pravus insisted it was too late to test out my new beauty and I’d have to go to bed.  He did let me put this in the little tray that comes in the box right beside where I sleep and he put a pump bottle of lube next to me too, so I could try it out first thing.  I didn’t want to go to bed, I picked up the toy and played with its rotations, feeling the toy in my hands.  After a few minutes Master Pravus made me put it down and I had to go to sleep.

Close Up Of The Shaft
How We made The Toy Work For Me

The next morning when I woke up, I was super eager to use this!  I put a dab of lube on the toy (which has a matte finish, so a bit of lube is great) and slid it in.  It felt great.  I was so excited to use the clit butterfly, which, as I mentioned, is very adjustable.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the butterfly to reach my clit!  The stem it is on is just a little bit too long, and it went far past my clit.  I tried to bend the butterfly this way and that, but the truth is, I found it to be just too frustrating, and I gave up.  Well, for the moment.  I’m not a “one try” kind of kitty.

Master Pravus was still eager to try the toy out with me, and I was excited about it too.  He usually figures out a way to make things work.  He tied my wrists to the massage table, and started playing with me.  After a little bit, he brought out this toy, and inserted it only part way.  He bent the butterfly at a strange angle, as you can see in the above picture, and he tilted the whole toy just-slightly.  Now, in order to hit the butterfly I had to snap my hips up to meet it, which felt very, very nice.  With Master Pravus’ help, I am able to really, truly enjoy this as a rabbit style vibrator.  On my own though, it falls a bit short.

Close Up Of Clit Butterfly

The thing about this vibrator that I really love though, is that I can use it alone, though I have to bring in another clit vibe.  Because the butterfly is on such a long and flexible stem, I can move it right out of my way and still enjoy the shaft of the toy, which rotates and has beads inside it.  Most rabbit vibes don’t have that option, and while those traditional “rabbit style” vibes have beads, rotation, and other things which I am attracted to, if I can’t get enough clit stimulation, I won’t be able to cum.  This toy finally gives me a way to allow me to use a rabbit style vibe, even though (as usual) the clit stimulator itself won’t work for me in most situations.

Close Up Of Buttons

The toy is easy to operate, and requires three AA batteries which don’t come with it.  They slide into a tray, which you can then pop into the bottom of the toy.  Screw the cap on tightly because this baby is waterproof!  If you like taking showers or baths with your toys then you’re in luck.  I set my Royal Butterfly to rotate and vibrate, and put it in my sink for thirty minutes making certain the cap was submerged.  Afterwards, I took out the batteries and they were bone dry.  Bring this into your watery play space with no worries!

It’s True The Royal Butterfly Can Swim! (Picture Taken Early On In The Water Test).

TPR is not sterilizable, so be sure to not share this with anyone you aren’t fluid bonded with.  You can use a toy cleaner, or soap and water to scrub your toy clean.  I love that the toy is reliably waterproof, because it makes it much easier to wash this without worries.  As I mentioned above though, please be absolutely certain the cap is screwed on very tightly.

One last thing you should know is that the toy collects lint and hair quite a bit, so you’ll probably want to give it a rinse each time you use it, especially if you have cats.  Also – straight out of the box this had a sour factory-like smell.  I didn’t like it, but it wasn’t overpowering, and after letting the toy air out for about a week I don’t smell it at all, even if I stick the toy in my nose.

I really like this toy because it is so versatile.  I’m giving it four paws:

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me to review this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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