Happy Blow Shit Up Day

Happy Blow Shit Up Day!

While Master Pravus and me are not one iota patriotic, nor do we really celebrate the 4th of July – we are big fans of fire and blowing shit up.  And Hedonism.  And enjoying life in whatever way you can, so long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others.

So, from us to you – happy “Blow Shit Up Day”!  I hope you all are safe, and having fun.  Whether that be playing with fire, or enjoying the company of friends and family.


6 thoughts on “Happy Blow Shit Up Day

  1. aww cute photo! Master is American but we are living in Australia (I am Australian probably told you before). He got the day off as a cultural holiday lol. He spent it eating burrittos with refried beans filling 0_o but this kitty got chees buns instead hehe because she doesn’t like refried beans hehe. I wish we were aloud to blow things up in this country because we are also fans of fire and blowing things up hehe.

  2. We like watching other people blow stuff up! We’d probably be at the range today if we could be. (I’d be knitting or something. Don’t worry. 🙂 )
    Oddly, I don’t like the sound of fireworks. (Do most cat?) So, I’ll spend the night playing some game with lots of gunfire. My brain does not make any sense.

    1. @Lada I think I remember you tweeting about not liking the sounds last year. Hmm. Apple Pig wants me to recommend you play Overlord, though, between you and me – since that has no gunfire I doubt it’ll be your choice. Apple Pig is a silly pig. 🙂 ::hugs:: I hope you make it through the night OK! 🙂

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