4th Of July Weekend!

My first Morning Glory

Master and me don’t celebrate the fourth of July.  Not really.  I know in the past I’ve explained how we don’t really celebrate Christmas either, but rather, we celebrate Santa Claus.  Some holidays can be fun, though we don’t really celebrate the reasons behind them.  As hedonists, we just take the most fun parts out of holidays that appeal to us and celebrate those.  As such, Christmas is to celebrate the coming of Santa, and the fourth of July is a time to play with fireworks.

Most Of The Fireworks We Bought

We used to live in Massachusetts, and you couldn’t even buy fireworks there.  Once, when I was little, my parents went to New Hampshire and bought us some sparklers to play with.  We didn’t do that again though, since they were illegal, and my parents were always worried we’d get in trouble with the police.  Silly parents.  I think most police officers just look the other way on the fourth.

Apple Pig! Ready To Release His "Tank" Upon The World! He He He. 🙂

The first night that we went out to play with fireworks we had some sparklers and a tank to set off.  Naturally, Apple Pig was excited to “unleash the tank!”  Ha.  It was fun to set off.  It had wheels, but it didn’t move very far, really.  The ends of it had sparks shoot out of it.  Pretty.

Me And Apple Pig Playing With A Sparkler
I’ve never really played with fireworks before, apart from that one sparkler as a kid, and I’ve got to admit this was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  Master and me had a blast.  Apple Pig was just furious that we wouldn’t let him light anything.  I tried to remind him that if a spark got him he’d be toast, but he didn’t want to hear it.

Silly pig.

On Day One, We Watched The Sun Set. Beautiful.

I’ve never really watched the sun set before.  It was lovely.

LOTR Music Came On, So Master Pretended To Be A Silly Hobbit! <3

The next night, we went out when it was much darker, which was difficult to wait for!  I can’t believe it was still bright out at nine PM!  Colorado stays brighter later than New England, especially for so early in the year.  Neat.  Most of our pictures didn’t come out, but we had fun anyway.

As far as going out to watch fireworks somewhere, that’s never really been my thing.  I just always have more fun doing, than watching.  Master loves fireworks though.  Sometimes he takes me to see some because he enjoys it, but this year I think he was just so excited that fireworks were legal here.  Maybe next year we’ll go.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend, no matter how they chose to celebrate, or not to celebrate.


4 thoughts on “4th Of July Weekend!

  1. Not only do you live near Casa Bonita, but you have legal fireworks too?! Here in the cornfield, we’re too damn dumb to be trusted with fireworks. The SWAT team will reign hell down on you around these parts if you dare break such an important law. We’re GTG on sparklers though. Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

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