Sick Cat Is Sick

As I’ve written about before, a couple of weeks ago I got sick with food poisoning.  It’s been over three weeks now, and the fact of the matter is, I’m just not healing up.  I’m still having a hard time eating or drinking anything and no matter what I wind up in a lot of pain.  I’ve been in and out of Urgent Care as I couldn’t get in to see my usual doctor, and all the tests they did came back normal.

Since I’m feeling worse as time goes by Master called to make an appointment for me to see my usual doctor and she thinks I may now have a rumbling appendix.  We won’t know for sure until we do more tests, but because of where my pain is, along with the fact that if I eat anything I’m super nauseated – she’s sending me to get a CAT scan.  She did tell me that if it is a rumbling appendix, the only course will be to have my appendix out.  I do not want surgery. 🙁

If I don’t have appendicitis, then I’m going to have to be refered out to a specialist to have some invasive testing done.  I’m really nervous and upset about all this.  I asked Master:

“Why don’t I ever get anything easy to diagnose and treat?”

He told me it’s because of all the healthy food I eat.  I laughed.  His theory is that because I love veggies (and in his opinion the rest of the world does not) that I can’t get the simple infections because my immune system is too good for those.  Ha!  I’m not sure I agree, but it definitely made me laugh.  I love how even when I’m super nervous, Master has the power to make me giggle.

So, in the meantime, while we wait for blood work and other tests to come back I’m just trying not to worry too much or think too much about what exactly I’m sick with and what it could or could not mean.  I really hate doctors in general, so worrying about them won’t help.  Cross your fingers for me that whatever this is, is easily fixable.

While we’re figuring out what’s going on, I ask that you all bear with me and be more patient than usual.  I am having a very hard time keeping up with all the social network sites I’m on, so for now, I’ve been mostly sticking with Twitter.  Feel free to keep , emailing me on Fetlife, or through my contact form, or commenting on my blog and sex toy reviews.  Just know that it is taking me much more time than usual to respond because I have so little energy.  I appreciate your understanding, and please know I would never ignore any of you on purpose.  I also would like to apologize for being behind on reading your blogs.  I love reading and commenting on blogs, and I am so behind because I am not online very much each day (with the exception of Twitter, which I can access quickly and easily via my iTouch.)  I hope to be back to my usual bouncy self again very soon!




2 thoughts on “Sick Cat Is Sick

  1. Aww I hope you get better soon! I know how you feel I don’t get the common cold or flu (only once this year Master and me both got a cold *we think* at the exact sametime lol) But for about 3 years ago I changed my diet and started adding vatamins nothing like a cold or flu except that one in 3 years. I do have chronic bronchits (took Dr forever to figure it out and one trip to the emergency department due to chocking) and sometimes that can leave me sick for months on end. The Dr’s (emergency) at first just said it was a virus and that by the time I was ready to leave the hospital it had gone, boy were they wrong lol. Though I haven’t had a attack this year which maybe due to my lack of going out or my increase in eating fresh garlic lol or both (it is winter). Don’t worry you will get better Kitty no matter what it takes 🙂

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