Sex In Public. Sort Of.

Last week we ran into the mall because we were trying to find me a sun hat for the Renaissance Festival that weekend.  On the way out of the store I asked Master Pravus if it’d be OK to stop by the bathroom before we went home.  He agreed and said he was going to run in too, and to meet him at the water fountain in front of both bathrooms.  Master Pravus was out before me (why are guys always so fast in the bathroom?!) and when I went to meet him at the fountain, he grabbed my wrist and told me he wanted to show me something.  I was totally confused, but started walking where he was guiding me anyway.

He started taking me towards what I thought was the mall exit, and, confused I asked if we were still getting the French fries.  He assured me we were, but he found something he wanted to show me.  I was so baffled, but when he finally stopped walking, I saw it – there it was: the family bathroom.

I giggled, and smiled ear to ear as I looked up at him.

We went in and locked the door.

Master Pravus bent me over the diaper changing table, which was solid and hard.  I leaned on my elbows, but tried super hard not to let my wrists hit the table because I didn’t want to make any clanking noises with my new cuffs.  A couple escaped me anyway until I managed to figure out how best to lean there.

Kneeling Over The Changing Table

It honestly didn’t take Master more than a couple of minutes at most to cum.  Then, I cleaned myself up, grinned a whole lot, and smiled as we exited the family restroom.  As we were leaving, we noticed a woman with a baby carriage waiting for her turn.  I felt guilty, and told Master Pravus so.  He told me not to feel bad because there was another bathroom (family style) right next to this one, so she couldn’t have been wanting to use it too badly.

Funny thing is, though this wasn’t technically “public” sex, it felt like everyone knew!  Not only because they saw us leaving the bathroom together, but also because the bathroom door was only frosted, so while you couldn’t see people inside, you COULD see movement.  It was lots of fun.

Now, whenever we’ve gone past a family bathroom, or drive near the mall, we both giggle and ask if either of us needs to use the bathroom.

And no – we didn’t find a sun hat!

5 thoughts on “Sex In Public. Sort Of.

  1. Smile, oh I have done something like this in along time.

    and the thrill is so interesting, wonder what it would be like now that my system isnt poisond by testosterone…..

    Mmmmmm, pondering Foxx

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