Renaissance Festival With Taming Michelle!

In Front Of A Fountain

Every year Master and me like to go to the Renaissance Festival.  Last year it didn’t happen, because the time of year we thought to go looking for it, it wasn’t around anymore.  (Back at home, they run in the autumn, and here in Colorado, they run in the summer).  This year, we almost didn’t go either, but I am so glad we did!

We had made plans with TamingMichelle to go to the festival a month or so prior.  (What can I say, she’s a popular gal)!  Master and me were both looking forward to us all hanging out.  That morning, I woke up with some really, really horrible pain over where my appendix was.  I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lay flat.  It was horrible.  We thought about cancelling, but I hadn’t seen TamingMichelle in a couple of months, and I didn’t want to be the reason for cancelling.  On top of that, the doctor had said not to go to the ER unless the pain lasted at least four hours.  TamingMichelle was going to be over in fourty minutes.  What to do?

We opted to go, and figured if it was still bothering me, we could go to the ER that night.  At this point, I’d been eating solid food for one or two days, so we were pretty hopeful that things would go OK.  Hell, at least I could eat.  TamingMichelle showed up and we all hung out for a couple minutes before dashing off to the fair.

Before We Left, Master Put A Black Ribbon On My Dress 🙂

We all took one car, Betty, and started driving down.  Of course, Sumomo wound up taking us to the Renaissance Fair headquarters, instead of the actual fair.  Figures.  TamingMichelle found the address in her phone, I think, and we started driving again to the right destination.  On the way, I had to pee so we thought we’d stop in super fast at this cute little restaurant.  While we were there, we decided to have a bit of food.  While I was in the bathroom Master and TamingMichelle ordered chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks and we all gulped it down hungrily.  I thought it was all very tasty, but I actually left the restaurant hungrier than before we went in.  Go figure.  (Although, now that I’m eating again, my appetite is back with a vengeance!)

Master Snapped This Picture Before I’d Styled My Hair

This time, with food in our bellies, empty bladders, and the correct directions, we decided to go to the correct fair.  As it turns out, we should have left an hour or two sooner.  We wound up in a bumper to bumper line which stretched for quite a while, and we spent a lot of time not moving.  When we finally arrived we had to park sort of far off from the fair itself, but there were luckily shuttles to take us to the gates.  We paid for our tickets and headed inside.

A Kitty At The Kitty Show!

Once we were inside, it was warm, but luckily most of the day it was overcast enough to be comfortable.  Before we’d left for the fair Master had rubbed us both down with SPF 50 sunblock.  No fair damsels burning on HIS watch!  He also slathered sunblock on us a couple times while we were at the fair.  I am happy to report that no one got burnt.

There were lots of neat little places to buy things, little carnival-esque games to play, and tons of food and shows to watch.  We decided we wanted to go to the cat show later that afternoon so Master set his alarm.  Since we left the restaurant hungry we got some drinks and wandered around looking for food.  Master got me and TamingMichelle a sausage on a stick to start out with.  Truthfully, I’d wanted to watch Michelle eat a sausage, because I’m a dirty old man.  Then, I said I’d join in because, well – I knew Master would love watching us BOTH eat sausages.  He he.  They were good, but Master got a steak on a stake.  I’ve never been one to really like steak, and I usually only even eat meat when I’m not at home.  Master offered me a bite, and oh my goodness.  I begged him to buy me one, after nearly demolishing his!  Poor Master.  Later on he had me and TamingMichelle sit and wait for him while he picked up three steak on a stakes.  Nommers!  We also got to have french fries, onion rings, and fried macaroni and cheese – on a stick!  I’ve seriously never heard of fried mac and cheese, let alone on a stick!  Insane!  Oh, and it wasn’t half bad either.

We spent most of the day wandering around and buying things here and there from the shops.  Master got some incense, and he got me a tail!  He let me pick out the one I wanted, and I have no clue why, but I went with white.  It just spoke to me.  I can’t explain it.  Maybe next year Master will choose a different color.

If You Look Close, You Can Kind Of See My tail. 🙂

Funny thing is, if Master hadn’t put that black ribbon around my waist before we left for the day, I’d never have been able to wear it.  Master let me play a little game where you had to hit a catapult and try to shoot frogs in barrels.  I didn’t get a single frog in a barrel, but I “won” a consolation prize.  I got to pick any plastic bug off the table I wanted, so I went with a praying mantis.  I stuck the praying mantis between my boobs.  Appetizing, no?

We wandered around some more, and we saw some cool birds!  There was an animal rescue and they brought the animals in to show.  It was very cool to be able to see the birds up close.  Master told me not to chase them, but the truth is that I can’t catch birdies unless they’re very old and slow anyway.  Har.

Biggest Kitty At The Kitty Show!

We also saw a drummer show, and a greyhound rescue!  So cool!

Right before the kitty show, we decided to get drinks and Master got me a frozen strawberry ball.  I’d never had one before, but it was definitely the size of a grapefruit.  I don’t know how they managed it, but the thing never melted up at all.  I spent about fourty five minutes chipping away at it with my spoon, and Master said I looked like the happiest kitty alive.  I didn’t feel like the happiest kitty alive on account of the ice, but, it was tasty.  He said he wanted to buy me another one, but my tummy had no room for such things.  While we waited for the cat show to start, we saw a cute act with lots of juggling and silliness.  Then, it was time for the kitties!

Mew Mew!

Towards the end of the trip, Master wanted to check out the pirate part of the fair.  I’ll be honest.  On the one hand, I love pirates – but on the other hand, they’ve really only been making an appearance at Renaissance Fairs since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  I feel like the don’t belong.  Still, they are hot – so I get over it pretty quick.

Messin’ Around With The Pirate Statue

Shortly after the pirate stuff, we left.  I think I only went through the misting station about 19 times at the end.  Heh.  We had a lot of fun and can’t wait for next year!

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