You Never Give Toys Bad Ratings!

A couple of weeks ago, someone made a comment about how I always give toys good ratings.  It bugged me a bit, because I pride myself on giving my honest opinion.  True, I rate many toys highly (if it does what it says, and works properly, I refuse to rate a toy down purely to prove a point), but I also rate many toys poorly.  Here is a list, for your fun and pleasure, of a couple of toys that got poor ratings.  Enjoy!

Dual Breast Exerciser.  3 Paws

Liberator Flip Ramp.  3 Paws

Nosy Yellow Toyfriend. 2 Paws

Soft Blindfold. 2 Paws

Laya Spot. 2 Paws

iRide.  1 Star

(AFF) Hot and Sexy Warming Lubricant.  1 Star

(AFF) Padded Easy Eyes Leather Blindfold.  1 Star

There are lots more where those come from, and there are even more “mediocre” reviews too.  If a toy doesn’t wow me, but lives up to what it says it’ll do, then that is how I will review it.  If it doesn’t do what it should, you’ll know that too.

Another thing to bear in mind is that just because I don’t like a toy doesn’t mean I’m saying you won’t like it.  It just means that with me, it was a bust.  Lots of people love the Laya Spot for example, and as you can see, I gave it two paws.  Look at the reasons why I am rating it as I am.  For example, if I don’t like a toy because it’s too small for me, it might still be what you consider to be the perfect size for you, or vice versa.

Sometimes I get emails from people asking me what I really think of a toy.  I swear to you all, whatever you read is whatever I really think of it.  There is no benefit to me at all to write about a toy, and then give it good marks if I think it doesn’t live up to standards.  I don’t want anyone to buy anything that they won’t like.  I hope you had fun perusing some of my favorite toys to hate!  Truth be told, I sometimes find the sex toys with the lowest ratings to be the most fun to read about.

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One thought on “You Never Give Toys Bad Ratings!

  1. I worry I don’t give enough poor ratings, but I tend to request things I know I’ll like. But I do down rate some things, especially when they don’t do what they say. I do like to say when things don’t work well for me and who they would work well for. I think most toys have someone that will love them. I don’t like that some people say that “great for a beginner” means that it’s a piece of crap and such.

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