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Master took me to the ER the other day, and we finally know what the problem is with my tummy.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have PCOS.  The only symptom I really have is that I get ovarian cysts, and sometimes they rupture.  The intense pain in my lower belly has been from a cyst which ruptured, and was the size of an apple!  I didn’t recognise the pain because I’ve never had one that large.  I’ve also got a couple of swollen lymph nodes in my stomach, which the ER is sure I got from the food poisoning a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve got medicine to fix the lymph nodes, but the cyst will have to clear off on its own.  Still, I am very happy that we know what is causing the problems, it isn’t my appendix, and I don’t need surgery!  Plus, I can get back to impact..  Sports.  Cough.  You know.  Like rugby.

I’m eating again, and the biggest problem seems to be reclaiming my energy, which comes back more and more each day.  I’m eating well and going to sleep early a lot, which is probably because I went so long without eating much at all.  I still haven’t been eating solids for a full week.  I’m back at work for a couple hours per day, and I’m slowly working my way back up to my several hours per day.

Master is doing great, and is getting used to his really strange new work hours.  We’re both really loving having so much afternoon time together, but it is still difficult for him to get up in the morning.  Hell, if I had to be up at 5AM each day, I know I’d have a hard time too!

I’m working on some new ears which I hope to have in the Mewtique  soon.  New ears are hard though, because I only have time to work on them in my spare time, when Master isn’t home, between actual Mewtique orders.  They are coming though!

My Mom is doing pretty good.  She had her mastectomy last week, and she’s doing well.  She’s in pain, but takes her pain meds to sleep.  Hell, if I had a breast removed, I would think I’d be in pain too.  In two weeks she starts her chemo.  She’s having six sessions three weeks apart, and it’s scary to think about.  The doctors said this is a very aggressive treatment.  She is going to have to be on the IV for a long time each visit.  I hope she’ll be OK.  All I can do is keep trying to be supportive at a distance, but I am cautiously optimistic.  She’s doing so well with everything at the moment, so I’m just hoping that the family can come together to really help her through this.

Life is getting back to normal around here.  Master and me are having a very fun summer, and we’re not letting anything get in the way of that.  We’ve been going out to eat once per week which has been especially nice for Master because there’s a lot of food we can’t keep in the house because of his pre-diabetes that he eats when we’re out of the house.  I know it is increasing his morale as far as food goes.  He once told me “Food is love.”  I don’t believe that food should ever equal love, but for him, it’s a real big thing.

This coming weekend we’re going to go apartment hunting again.  I am starting to feel like there’s no end to the apartment hunting, but I know it is a good thing.  It’s best to look while we have the time and not last minute.  We’re planning on applying to places soon, when they have availability for our move in date.  I do not look forward to the actual move, but I know it’ll be nice to be settled into our new place when we do.

Master also recently realized that he has a whole bunch of vacation time he hasn’t used, so he’s going to take a whole bunch of time off.  A week for the move, and he’s also taking a week this coming August.  We’re just going to have a staycation, but it’ll be so much fun to have Master home all the time.

What can I say?  I can never, ever get enough of him. <3

6 thoughts on “State Of The Kitty

  1. Aww that is good to hear that you now know what is causing you the pain. Have you ever tried coconut juice/water? It is good for boosting your energy and for alot of other things. I’ve resently started drinking it to help my immune system. They say it is a healthy natural ‘energy drink’. Maybe it will give you a bit more energy that you need? I hope all goes well for everything 🙂 Oh just so you know Master bought me a Tenga egg? I think thats how you spelt it lol. We went to the recent sexpo here (kinda like thunder in the mountain only less kiny *but they do have bdsm session*) because of one of the articles you wrote about it 🙂 that and at the sexpo they sell toys for really cheap. Thank you, I would have never of known about the eggy if it wasn’t for your article 🙂

    1. @MomoNoHanna 🙂 Thanks! Yeah, I actually love coconut water. 🙂 Especially the kind with fruit in it! Nom. <3

      I'm glad you had fun at the sexpo and got a tenga egg! I hope you have fun with it. 🙂

  2. <3 I'm glad you found the source of the problem! I have PCOS as well, and know the all about the hassle and pain! Sending positive vibes your way! I hope you have a lovely staycation with your Master!

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