Baby Bumble

Sammie and Apple Pig

I’ve written about how Samantha died, but now I want to honor her memory, and how she lived.  Samantha was obviously a very special little girl to me, and of course, Master too.  She slept in the bed with us, which is something we don’t allow (and never really did) the other kitties who lived with us to do.  She sometimes slept in between us, but usually we would put her on my pillow before we went to bed.  (My pillow was never there for me, I don’t really use them, it was there for Samantha.)


Sammie was always a big kitty, until the end of her life.  When I met her she was almost 16 pounds, and I was actually a little bit afraid of her!  She didn’t want me in her bed, that was obvious, and we fought for space for the first couple of years, before she accepted me as another human.  The trick with Samantha though, was to feed her cheese, and she was putty in your hands.


We used to say that Samantha reminded us of a Viva Pinata Whirlm when she was sleeping, but we used to pronounce it “whirl-um”.  She was always so cute and could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  She was never really an active cat, she grew up sleeping in Master’s jacket pocket, and she became accustomed to being a little lap kitty.  I’ve never met another cat who was as nappy or friendly as Samanthala.

Samantha was the only kitty that I’ve ever been OK with sharing certain things with.  I shared my tigersquash blanket, and I don’t let ANYONE else use it, (except of course, Master, if he wanted.  He never does though.) it is special to me.  I would share my kitty bowls with her, and I actually cried when Master filled one of my dishes for Sabrina the day Samantha passed.  Samantha was almost like a kitty sister.  I think that the little ears I would wear on top of my head confused her, and maybe she thought I was a little kitty too – or else, she just put up with me trying to be like her.  I think she liked being an “idol.”  She did have quite the ego.

Master and Samantha

While Samantha was never really an “active” kitty, she did like to be manhandled.  Master would gently rough house with her on the floor, and she would purr for miles.  Unfortunately, in her last couple of years, he couldn’t do this as Master was worried when she started losing so much weight.  She loved to eat peas, she liked dairy of all kinds, she refused to drink out of dishes, and insisted on glasses instead.  Samantha had lots of little quirks.

Each day, when Master came home, she would jump up on his shoulder like a parrot.  She liked to ride around up there before jumping off.  It was sort of her way of saying “Hello Daddy!  I missed you!”

There were so many memorable and wonderful things about Sam Bumble.  We will never, ever forget her.


For Samantha

By Faete, 2006

Your eyes are three-quarter moons



withholding all your tortoise-shelled secrets

Your heart is a nugget

14 carats

Highly sought after

(Everyone wants a piece)

And I,

The rabbit’s foot

Thank you for all you offer me.

Her Eyes Are Three-Quarter Moons

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