Mt. Evans Trip, Day 1

Apple Pig Wanted To Drive. We Didn’t Let Him, But We Put Him In The Steering Wheel When We Were Stopped.

The day Samantha died, we went back to our apartment, and Master set up a little “tea party” for me on the porch.  “Party” isn’t the right word, but he posed Apple Pig and Biggle Piggle on the porch with tea cups which had water in them, and he made me a hot mug of lemon tea.  He let me sit in a chair, mostly because there was paint and wood chips all over the porch from his fixing up a table of ours.

And we talked.  Well, mostly, we cried in disbelief that our Baby wasn’t there to jump on Master’s shoulder or try to get in my lap.  We were so unhappy, and as the sun began to rise higher it began to get hotter.  I looked at Master and I mentioned that I really miss the beach, and wish we could go to the ocean.  I know we’re in a land locked state, but that’s just the first thing I could think of.  Master asked me if maybe I’d want to drive up to Mt. Evans.  Perhaps the mountains would give us a little bit of a break.  I agreed, and packed a cooler with snacks and drinks for the long car trip.

Master Before We Got Very High Up On The Mountain

We packed the car, and brought both Apple Pig and Biggle Piggle, which is unusual for us.  We usually only bring one pig, and since Apple Pig is smaller than Biggle Piggle, it is usually him. We stopped in at McDonald’s first, so we could get a couple of drinks.  Master got a soda, and I got a sweet tea.  Then, we settled in for the long drive ahead.  Of course, Apple Pig wanted to drive, but we didn’t let him.  When we’d stop for bathrooms, etc, we did let him sit in the steering wheel though.  He’s so cute it hurts, sometimes.

Kitty On The Wooden Fence, Like Master.

Before we left I had made sure to change into sneakers, but that was it.  It was due to be 90 degrees that day, and my head wasn’t in the right frame, so I didn’t really think I needed to change out of my sun dress.  It’s got thick material, so I figured I’d be OK.  I knew it would be cooler on the mountain top, but probably not that cold.  RightRightBueller?


We stopped in at a couple of little side spots to look at scenery, eat snacks, and of course, take pictures.

Betcha can’t find me!

As we continued driving up, we ran into this gorgeous view, and of course, my camera does it no justice.

Mountain View

Just so pretty.  While we were stopped an older brother/sister couple pulled up next to us and we had a little chat about how beautiful it was.  They even offered to take our picture, which was nice.

Master and Me


Master Looking Out

It was just so nice and relaxing to be out there in nature, even if the vast majority of the day was driving in a car.  We cried a whole lot though.  A whole lot.

Good Job Master! Don’t Let The Boulder Fall!

We stopped at another little scenic cut off, and took some more pics.


The next place we stopped along our journey was a little body of water.  It was sprinkling lightly (raining on and off all day), and I think we walked about a half mile away from the car before the pea sized hail started!

A Cracker In Each Hand!

Then, at last, we made it to the top of the driving trail.  It was 40 degrees up there.  Whew.


We started walking around a little bit, and looking at the things that were at that height (nearly 3 miles up)!  I started feeling sick and my heart skipped a couple of times, so Master decided we would come back on Saturday to finish the hike.  Master thought I was getting altitude sickness, I figured I was just a bit off from not eating and drinking too much at all that day.  I just wasn’t hungry too often.

Biggle Piggle Flying High!

On the way back down, we got a picture of Biggle Piggle flying at elevation!  She’s in such good shape.


On the way back down we stopped at one last scenic area, and then we plugged the Happy Cooker into the GPS to go get some dinner.  We ate dinner, wandered around Georgetown a little bit, and Master decided he wanted ice cream.  He had vanilla (I think), and I had green tea.  Apple Pig was pissed we didn’t get him one of his own, but he doesn’t even eat it so we just let him whine.  The journey home was pretty eventless, and when we got there we had a phone call from Master’s Mom.

We had no clue what she could want, because it was eight PM her time, but she was calling to let us know that she wanted to buy us tickets to visit home over Thanksgiving week.  Since we don’t really care at all about Thanksgiving as a holiday, we agreed that would be a really sweet holiday gift for us.  Plus, I’ve been wanting to see my Mom, and we were going to have to wait until after the move to do it.  I’m glad we’ll be able to get there now.  It was a very long and emotional day, but I’m glad we didn’t stay at home, or it would have been too much to bear.

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