Let’s Go For A Ride

The Pulse, by Liberator, is for those among us who prefer a more active masturbation or play session.  It is for those of us who enjoy experimenting and finding new ways to have fun.  It is for those of us who have strong legs, weaker legs, and everything in between.  I find that despite not having too much leg strength, the seat of the pulse makes it very easy for me to ride a toy for as long as I’d like to.  At first I thought of it as my little personal teeter-totter, but then I decided it was like a personal sexy tug boat.

Pulse, Set Up For Glory

You can fit nearly any toy in your Pulse.  It doesn’t need to have a base, but if it does it will fit too.  My Pulse holds my large Silk dildo so well, that I can lift the entire Pulse off of the surface it is on using only the Silk, and it won’t come out even a little bit.  Also pictured is the My Perfect Pet vibrator.  There are two pockets, one above the place you put the dildo, and one below.  These pockets are designed for smaller vibes, preferably bullet ones.  I do not like bullet vibes personally, and I find that I can fit slightly larger toys just fine.  The pockets that are sewn to the top of the Pulse are very sturdy and won’t come away, even if you’re cramming a toy in there, like I did.

The Pulse And Heart Wedge Go Very Well Together!

The first time I tried the Pulse solo, I found that I preferred it tilted up a little bit.  At the time, I had slid my heels underneath the back end of the Pulse, and had rocked mostly forward that way.  A couple of days later, I decided that maybe my (AFF) Liberator Heart Wedge would be a better option so that my feet wouldn’t get too tired too quickly.  Happy to say, it worked like a charm.  The Pulse, like all liberator gear, is covered in a luxurious feeling polyester fabric.  Sitting on it feels so nice, let alone with toys!

Simulate Sex With The Pulse

Another wonderful way to enjoy the (xxx) Pulse, is to lay on your back and use your legs to simulate sex.  Sometimes I wrap my legs around the Pulse itself, and sometimes I lay my heels on the back of the Pulse and use my hands to work the entire Pulse in and out.  It gives you a totally different angle than you can usually get from masturbation, and it feels a lot like missionary style sex.  One tip though, because of the angle of the Pulse, you’ll want to go with a toy which is a couple of inches longer than you usually would use, because the toy gets swallowed up a bit in this position.

Face Down, Pulse UP!

The first time Master Pravus and me used the Pulse together as a couple, I laid on the ground in doggy position.  I didn’t use the heart wedge like you see pictured, because I had to be bent up a bit higher than you see here.  However, when I’m masturbating, I find the above pose to be delightful.  In similar fashion to the above pose, the Pulse was a bit flatter, and I used my feet to adjust the (AFF) Hitachi where I wanted it to be.  At the same time, Master Pravus squatted above me, and he pounded into my cunt.  It was the most intense and wonderful sex position I’ve been in yet.  I absolutely loved it.  All I could feel was my Master’s cock slamming into me over and over, and the tip of the Hitachi buzzing away happily on my clit. 

I came in record time, and he loved it too, although he admitted that he needed to take a couple of days before trying that again!  It’s a difficult position for him (and I’m sure lots of men) to maintain for periods of time.   One of the best parts about this was that instead of having to hold the heavy Hitachi, my feet did all the work, making the Hitachi seem much lighter than usual.

The Liberator Pulse Is An Awesome Ride

There really are a whole lot of positions and many, many fun things you can do with the Pulse.  It is a wonderful toy for couples or solo artists, alike.  One thing we love doing with it is using it during bondage scenes.  He will tie my wrists above my head to our bondage rig using our suspension cuffs, than have me kneel over the Pulse.  Then, not only do I have to focus on balancing over it, but he will torture my breasts or backside while I do so.  The perfect way to get off.

There are a couple of downsides to the Pulse that you may want to be aware of.  For one, it’s not the type of toy you should share with anyone you aren’t fluid bonded with.  Unfortunately, while you can machine wash and dry the Pulse cover, you cannot dry it on high heat, or the covering will shrink and may not fit again!   For that reason, I think that the Pulse is best reserved just for you, or for you and a fluid bonded partner.  It’s a shame though, because something this good is hard not to want to share.  One other downside is that if you are plus sized, or very tall, the seat may not be comfortable for you.  Proceed with caution.

To give you some stats, I am 5’2″, so I’m not very tall, and I find that the Pulse is not only comfortable for me, but a good height for my thighs to reach the ground with no issues.  Weight itself will not be so much an issue with this toy, because the high density foam does not crush very easily.

Master Pravus and me really, really love and highly recommend the Pulse.  It is another high quality Liberator piece, and we use it regularly in our play, together and solo.  I’m giving it five paws. Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out the Pulse in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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