Bound By More Than Gear

Poem, For Master


By Kitty

There is no:



Length of chain,

That ensnares me like you

And your heart.

I wrote that little poem a week ago, and it came to me as I was drifting off to sleep (as most poems do).  I was nearly asleep, when I decided I’d better sit up and write it down before I fell asleep and forgot it. (As I do most poems I don’t write down on the spot).  As you can see in the picture, it is badly spaced, and written largely and doesn’t stay on the lines all that well.  That’s because it was pitch black, and I opened to a back page of my journal and started  scrawling, hoping that I wasn’t writing words on top of each other, and that it’d at least be legible.  I don’t usually share my poetry with people besides Master, though I’m not opposed.  I decided to share this one because it really could have been the theme of our play last night.

Yesterday, late at night, we were both sitting on the porch, and I was playing Wii games.  Out of nowhere, I looked over to Master, Mewed, and then asked him if he wanted to..  Dare I say it:  SNUGGLE!  Master said simply “Yes,” and with that, we traipsed off to the bedroom.

We don’t use the bedroom for sex much anymore, so I pounced on the bed, and put my face on Master’s tummy.  (I fucking love tummies).  We scuffled a little bit here and there, and Master started doing this thing over my sternum with his knuckle.  It made me giggle, and then mew in pain.  It’s a very different kind of pain than any I’ve experienced yet though, and I found it to be addicting.  I took my shirt off, and playfully rolled over onto my back and put my “paws” in the air and mewed, wiggling my chest around to encourage more knuckling.  I giggled, and grinned, and enjoyed it muchly.  Master could tell, too, and I could tell he liked it as I noticed his dick getting hard and standing at attention.

I purred.

Master rolled me this way and that, and I didn’t try to escape him, just enjoyed the little things we were doing.  He started some punching.  He punched my upper arms, he battered my outer and inner thighs, he punched my ass and parts of my back.

I wasn’t thinking of anything but us at the time, but later, I realized how much more I love the times when we do things like this – light on the equipment, heavy on the M/s.  True, I love being tied up with ropes and restraints.  I love gags and my pony gear.  I love it when we use vibrators and butt plugs and canes, and floggers, and chains and agony sticks.

Yet, there is just something so primal and so wonderful about just the two of us and none of the extra “fluff.”  There’s something just so brilliant about being his kitty, not trying to escape my wonderful man.  And Master beating me with fists and knuckles, and who loves to hurt me so much that his dick shows his excitement almost as much than the smiles in his eyes.

His.  No matter what is or isn’t there.

2 thoughts on “Bound By More Than Gear

  1. That is actually so sweet. Love it and it says so much about D/s relationships.
    I am truly starting to believe that a D/s relationship, even one that isn’t 24/7, has a far more powerful and deep connection than most normal relationships, although that is not to say that a normal non BDSM relationship isn’t meaningful.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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