Things That Make My Cunt Throb 1

Things That Make My Cunt Throb

When I first met MasterPravus, there was one thing which I found very, very attractive about him: he almost always had his nails painted.  Not only were they painted, they were painted shiny black.  To me, that is a huge turn on.

I have quite a few memories especially early on, of Master Pravus working his fingers into my cunt, and seeing those sexy dark black nails up against my pale skin, and pink cunt.  Glimpses really, since I was usually blindfolded for a lot of the time that we were doing this.  The polish just calls so much attention to his fingers, and for me, they remind me of something which he does that I adore: finger fucking.  Don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely love doing all manner of things with him, but no one I have ever met has the finger skills that Master Pravus has.  Other women that he’s been with remark about this to me as well.  Master Pravus’ hands were built for finger fucks.

The fact that I adore seeing his black nails as my cunt devours them aside, I love them for other reasons too.  One of these is that, even among secure men, it’s not exactly something I see a lot of.  There’s just not enough men in my life who paint their nails!

After I moved in with him, I noticed that he couldn’t paint his nails as much as I thought he did.  I know that in order to be professional at work, he can’t wear it, but I didn’t really think of that until we moved in together.  For a good, long while, he would paint them for me on the weekends, when he got out of work on Friday, and take them off on Sunday.  Somewhere along the way, he decided it was a lot of work, and gave up on it.  Then, he wanted to do it again, but nearly every time we left the house, we forgot to buy polish.

This past weekend, I used some of my allowance to buy Master Pravus (and me) some black nail polish.  He decided that since he didn’t need to be at work for nine days, due to vacation, that he was going to go ahead and paint them.  Yay!  I was thrilled.  Every time I see his nails, I giggle to myself.  I love it, and they aren’t something that is obvious to most other people out there.


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