Back From Vacation!

Sorry for my little absence again all!  I know I was gone there for a bit feeling really depressed and unhappy, and then I pulled a Bilbo and poofed from the blog a bit again.  I’m absolutely not quitting blogging, and I still love writing here.  It’s just nigh on impossible to write this blog while Master and me are home together.  Truthfully, I get a lot less computer time when Master is home with me.  It isn’t that he doesn’t allow me to be on the computer.  On the contrary, he enjoys it when I am on electronics.  What happens though is that when he is around, I only want to do electronic things where we can interact together.  Checking my email or surfing the web is really just a one person task.  Playing video games or watching movies are another thing entirely, though we really don’t even do those as much as we used to.

So, what did we do on vacation?  A whole lot of nothing.  At least, to the rest of the world we did a whole lot of nothing.  Our vacation included few outings (though, we went to a couple of places) and a whole lot of relaxing on the porch, regular fuckings, lots of me giving Master oral sex (and I was lucky enough that he finished in my mouth a couple of times!),  s’mores, more sex, some Animal Crossing, and just general lazy fun.

This past weekend, we even got to go to Masterofslavej and jenpet’s house, which was super fun.  We cooked stuff over a fire (which is really the best way to do it) and jenpet made a whole lot of “tasty taste’ems” as Master calls ’em.  We got to meet their super cute son too, which was fun.  He likes video games a lot so I think we all got along pretty well.  Plus, I learned a new game with rubber piggies, so, you know, WIN.

Today is just me at home, and Master said he felt bad that I was home alone.  I told him not to feel like that.  As fun as vacation is, all good things must end, and really – we’re going on another vacation in about ten weeks, so it is hard for me to feel sorry for myself.  Plus, I’m a big fan of routines, and it is good to be back in mine.  I do miss having Master at home, but I also miss blogging, and video chat, and all the little things I do when he isn’t around.

Now, we’re waiting to hear back on whether or not we got the apartment we want, and we’re both so excited about that.  It’s basically the perfect place for us, top floor (so we can make all the noise we like with the sex swing) and the only real difference between that place and this is that their hot tub isn’t open in the winter.  No biggie.  We’ll get over that.  In about a week Master and me have to give notice to the place we live now that we’re not going to be renewing the lease, so it’d be nice to have a place to move to.

Today, I’m cleaning up from vacation mostly.  While I did chores during vacation, I nearly never got it all caught up because we were too busy making messes or having sex to be able to devote as much time as usual to it.

Back to the real world for us, for now anyway.

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