Skull Fuckery

When I first met Master Pravus, he didn’t express any interest in skull fucking to me at all.  I would blow him, but he wouldn’t be an “active” participant in the blowing.  I would basically crawl to his cock and take my time.  My tongue would explore the curves of his cock while my fingers gave his balls some attention.  You know, I’m not really sure where the skull fuck topic came up, but in the past year it has been really rampant in our play.

I think Master Pravus may have brought up the fact that he was watching some awesome skull fuck porn, or something of the like.  Surprised, I had asked him if he was into it, and if so, why we hadn’t done any?  He said he thought that I wouldn’t like it.  Which goes to show you, ladies and gents, that it is just so important to tell your partners the things you’re into.  It might well surprise you what they like or have interest in doing or trying for you!

At the time, he had playfully put his cock in my mouth, at first he used only a couple of quick thrusts.  Nothing that would make me even slightly uncomfortable, and I could breathe just fine as he gave me a lot of breaks.  I don’t know how many of you out there participate in skull fucking (plenty, I’m sure), but when you force a dick in someone’s throat a weird gurglie noise is produced.  To give you some idea, if you haven’t experienced it, here is a (xxx verified PH) link to a highly not work safe clip.  Some of that is her choking, but most of it you’ll hear a nice “gurgle”.  Sexy, no?

The problem is that most porns like to cover up that sound using music or the like, and when Master Pravus first experimented with being rough with his cock in my throat he was surprised by the sounds.  They weren’t sounds that I was making on purpose, it’s just the sound of a dick being roughly thrust in and out of my mouth.  He thought I was making them on purpose though, and he decided at the time that he didn’t like the sounds and gave up the skull fuckery.

We talked about it, and I explained that I had nothing to do with the sound, and it wasn’t my protests or anything.  It’s just what happens.  As time has been going on, he has slowly and steadily increased the amount of time his cock is being rough in my mouth and how much air he is going to give me.  Last night was probably the roughest we’ve ever been with the skull fucking, but honestly – I could have gone longer for sure.  We talked about it a bit, as he was curious about how it felt and if I was OK.  I said I wanted to go again.  Ha!

One thing that I am loving about the skull fucking is that it makes Master Pravus ten times more likely to finish in my mouth.  Funny thing is that even though he loves oral sex, he almost always stops me right when he is at the pinnacle, and finishes roughly in my cunt.  I like the taste of cum a lot though, and it makes me a bit sad that I almost never get his load there.  It is almost like the skull fucking is what he didn’t know he needed in order to finish up in my mouth.  My mouth is lots of fun, he says, bit my cunt is his favorite thing.  I wonder if there’s a stalemate on that now though.

It’s funny that after eight years, we are still finding out things about each other’s needs and desires.  I love that.  I love that we can continue to grow and evolve our kink, even in small ways like this.  Most of all though, I’m so glad we discovered skull fucking.  It gives us both something to be a bit more excited for when it comes to oral sex.  The old way is still fun for us, but this new rough way is just something the both of us have craved for a long while.

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