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Serious Business For Her

Recently, MyPleasure sent me a new lingerie set to review.  I’ve never been big on pinstripes, but I had to admit that the Serious Business For Her set was done in a very cute way.  Not only that, but it combined a couple of things which my husband loves, and I thought this would be a definite winner with him.  it is shiny, has an open crotch, and I loved the little collar detail.

Unfortunately, the outfit has one major flaw: it doesn’t stretch at all.  The outfit is meant to fit from sizes 2-14, 90-160 pounds.  I’m 145 pounds, and normally fit into One Size Fits Most outfits.  Unfortunately, this one wouldn’t go up past my thighs.  The major problem this outfit has is that the black and pinstripe portion of the suit is not even the least bit stretchy.  The red part where your hips go is quite soft and stretchy, but my hips never made it to that part.

If you fit the costume, you will probably love it because it is well made and very cute looking.  Your measurements can’t exceed the following though:

Neck Piece: no bigger than an 11″ neck.

Bust: B cup max, and 24″ underbust.

Waist: 22″

Hips: 26-32″

Instead of a one size, I would really call this a small.  The hips are somewhat free-size.  To wash, the tag says hand wash cold and line dry.  Even though I didn’t fit into this, I decided to put it through the wash to see how well it lasted.  Put this in a lingerie bag, and hang it to dry, and you should have no problems.  The entire outfit, made by Dreamgirl, is made from 100% polyester.

One bonus this outfit has is that the crotch has an opening, and the top can easily be untied (ties behind the neck) to give easy access to all the right places.  The crotch is made of a mesh material that is really soft and not at all scratchy.  It shouldn’t make penetration uncomfortable for either one of you.

I do really think this is a cute outfit, but it’s just not the right size for me.  I do not rate outfits which don’t fit me, but if you fit in the measurements, I do recommend this one.  It is cute, wonderful for roleplay, and will last you a good while with proper care.

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this lingerie in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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