I wouldn’t Call This Lingerie

Marylin wrist Cuff And Pink Champagne Dress Compliment Each Other Nicely

Master Pravus loves the look of babydoll style dresses on me.  They add a little something to our age play, and put me in a different head space than other dresses.  This one looked very cute online, and I thought it would be a great addition to our bedroom play.  As it turns out though, we don’t use this for lingerie at all.  Truth be told, it’s more like fancy outerwear to us.  While you could use it in the bedroom, it just covers a whole lot more than what we usually see as lingerie, so it always comes off before we even get in the bedroom.

This babydoll is absolutely beautiful though.  It is a deeper pink on top than the online pictures show, and the bottom is the same dark black.  To give you some stats about myself, I’m 5’2″, I weigh 145 pounds, and I have a 40 bust, a 33 waist, and a 40 hip.  Usually I buy the large when I purchase from Dreamgirl, but I read a few reviews which said that the garment runs big so I went with a medium.  It fits me like a charm.

When you unwrap your babydoll from its pink tissue paper, probably the first thing you will notice is the gorgeous sparkly jewels encrusting the circles on the ties.  These metal circles are 1.5″ at their widest point, and 2″ long.  They overlap each other, and are hard metal, so they are not adjustable.  The ties themselves are very long and romantic, at 30″ long.  They start out at .75″ in width, and flare out at the bottom to nearly 6″ in width.  This is very pretty once you tie it around your neck and looks lovely hanging down off your back.

The material of the (AFF) Pink Champagne Dress itself is just exquisite in your fingers.  It is made of a 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend, so it has a bit of stretch to it.  The cups of the dress measure 8″ across and have padded cups for about three quarters of the cup.  This covers the nipples so that you can wear this in public (or, in the bedroom if you like to be that covered) and it also gives a bit of shape to the cup itself.  I have a D cup size breast, and this fits me wonderfully.  It could definitely go up or down one or two cups with no problems though.

Dress From the Back, Over Pants. The Pants I’m Wearing In This Are Shiny Vinyl, So You Can Kind Of See Them With This Top On. Regular Jeans Are Less Obvious.

Directly under the bust, the dress turns to plain black.  It has two layers, and is bubble style on the bottom.  Beneath the bust, the material is gathered into three pleats, and the garment measures 12.5″ lying flat.  It will stretch to fit to 14″.  This gathered portion of the dress is 2.5″ tall and while the cups are not boned, this provides some support for the breasts.  The dress is 17″ long from just below the bust to the hem.

The tag says to dry clean this only, but to be honest with you, I’ve washed this several times now, and I just put it in a lingerie bag like I do all of my lingerie.  It goes through the wash just fine, and I always hang to dry.  I do not recommend drying this.  I’m not entirely sure why the tag says to dry clean it only, as I’ve experienced no ill effects from using my regular washing machine.  The jewels in the circular ties have stayed on very well too despite using the washing machine on them.

I also got the (AFF) Marylin Wrist Cuff a while back, and I find that the color is nearly the same as the pink in the top of the dress and the crystals match very well so I often wear these as a set.  I’m sure the black one would look great with this too!

Overall, I do really like this top.  It is cute and fun to wear outside the house, but I don’t really see it as lingerie.  Those of you who like being very covered up will probably love this top in the bedroom, for me though it’s just a sexy little number to wear outside or just when I want to dress up.  I’m going to give it 5 paws:Please use the code G5U to get 15% off any of your EdenFantasys orders.

Solid dress with pink halter styled top and black bubbled skirt.Pink leather wrist cuff with Swarovski crystals and a heavy-duty D-ring.

This outfit was one from my personal collection, not given to me in exchange for a review.  Thank you!

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