Where Have All The Apples Gone?

Master Pravus and me love autumn, with all the fun it brings.  One of our favorite things to do is to go apple and pumpkin picking each year!  I’m allergic to apples, but it’s OK because Applepig and Master Pravus eat enough for me, and I still like picking them and trying to pick “perfect Master apples”.  Every year since we moved to Colorado, we go to Happy Apple Farm.  We discovered it soon after we first moved here, and we were so excited to go this year. 

We went on their website to make sure we wouldn’t miss out on the apple cider like we did last year.  It took us an hour and a half to drive there, and when we pulled in, Applepig had a hard time sitting in his seat.  Poor little piggy.  We also noticed though, that the farm itself was very slow and we only saw one or two other people’s cars.  Strange.  Happy Apple Farm has a rep for being very busy all the time, it’s one of the fun things about it.

Happy Apple? More Like, Sad Apple.

We pulled in, and I commented to Master Pravus about how I didn’t see any apples in the trees.  He told me not to worry, maybe this bunch we parked in front of were picked through, and they’d point us towards another field.  Sadly not.  We got inside the country store, and as it turns out they had no apples at all that year!  An Easter frost had killed their crop, and there would be no apples until the next year.

We were crushed.  See, before we left the house, we checked their website and it hadn’t mentioned at all that there were no apples.  Why would we drive out so far just for a pumpkin, and a bottle of cider (which they had to borrow from other farms).  Don’t get me wrong, the cider was delicious, but Master Pravus and me would have gladly just purchased cider and a pumpkin from a local store rather than travel all the way to Happy Apple.  Something as major as your apple farm having no apples that year should be labeled clearly on the front of your website, shouldn’t it?  Maybe we’re just crazy.

We sighed and figured we’d best make the most of it.  We drove here, we may as well pick some pumpkins.  We took the tractor ride out to where the pumpkins were hiding, and it took two or three minutes to pick out the perfect pumpkin.  Master Pravus found it.  We decided that it wasn’t that far to the pumpkin field really, so he carried the pumpkin back and we decided to guess how much we thought the pumpkin weighed for fun.  Applepig thought it was thirty three pounds, but, he isn’t all that good at math.  Master Pravus said twenty, and I said eighteen.  Master Pravus was the closest.  I think it was twenty and a half or something ridiculously close like that.  It was huge.  Since he was the one carrying it back to the store, it makes since that he’d be closest.


We went back to the country store, and I was able to get a couple of honey pops (I only get them once a year at this place), and we got a couple of honey sticks too.  Then, we were off to go home.  There were accidents on the highway, and it took almost three hours to get home.  Not Happy Apple Farm’s fault, but still, we were all a bit grouchy about spending a grand total of ten minutes out of the car and picking only a pumpkin.  Berries were too light to pick.  On a positive note, at least Colorado is an absolutely beautiful state, so the drive itself wasn’t so bad.  On the way home, I reclined my seat and napped, now and then feeling Master Pravus’ big hands feeling my breasts or rubbing my inner thigh.  I think for that alone, it was probably worth it.

7 thoughts on “Where Have All The Apples Gone?

  1. Jerks!

    I’d have whined and sulked until my boyfriend scolded me. Then I’d have sulked some more 😉 Then again, I’m a brat.

    I’m from Rhode Island and picking apples in New England is one of the rare joys in life. The foliage in the fall is one of the more beautiful sights in America, in my humble opinion.

    It’s something I totally miss that I now live in AZ…one of the most barren places on the planet.

    1. @Nikki Lol! Cute! 🙂 I’m also from New England, and I do miss that about Colorado. The foliage was just so gorgeous, and I miss it terribly. Still, Colorado has lots of beautiful sights too. The mountains are to kill for, even on the way to the grocery store.

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