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Daily Tea

Almost every day, I take a little bit of time for myself simply by having a cup of tea.  I boil the water, put the bag or leaves in (I’m not picky), and usually just relax with the tea cup until it’s cool enough to drink.  I sit and I contemplate things.  I try to set my mind at ease and I think of all the things which are stressing me out and try to make a plan of attack.  Sometimes, if nothing is bothering me, I just relax and breathe.

Yesterday, I decided to have some lemon ginger tea.  This particular flavor is in bags for me.  When I took the bag out, I remembered that the tag on these bags have little messages.  This one was just perfect: “Obey, serve, love, excel.”

I cannot believe my tea bag was so perfect for me.  I often think exactly that, but maybe a bit more wordy.  The tea bag put my thoughts into concise words that exemplify my life perfectly.  By obeying and serving Master, by loving him and doing all he asks of me, I will excel in life.  I will become more and more what Master wants me to be.  Service to him and to others will only make me a much better person, and I have only benefitted from service.

Many times, I will be given a new rule, and I don’t understand it or I hate it initially and don’t want to do it.  But, I quickly come to realize that if I just relax and understand that my life is simple: just obey, and everything will be taken care of and I will only be a much better girl for it.

I doubt I will find another tea bag so perfect.  Maybe someone should get on that.  Kinky tea for the slave/sub/bottom/etc, and another one Kinky tea for the Master/Mistress/Top/Sadist/Dominant,etc.  I’d buy it.


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