NDK 2011

Pikachuย and Colosso-Pig ๐Ÿ™‚

Master Pravus and me love convention life. I think if we could afford it, we would live at conventions year round! The crazy costumes, picture taking, swag, new friends you meet there, convention food, panels, even the lack of sleep are all somehow part of the fun. Since we’ve moved here and found out about

Nan Desu Kan, we have decided to go each year. Last year was fun, and this year was cool too. I will say though, that this year was far more crowded than last year, and it was a lot harder to move in the hallways and take pictures. We did manage to get some though.


I woke up Friday morning, and as I was eating breakfast and getting ready to start my day, I had an idea. Master Pravus always wants to dress up for NDK, but he never gets to. For one, I’ve never really made men’s clothes before, and for two, if you ask him who he wants to cosplay, he usually has no idea. It suddenly came to me that I could make both him and myself a Pikachu tail, and possibly a set of ears and some fingerless gloves for me. Normally, I’m one of those people who gets annoyed at all the Pikachus I see at anime conventions. I mean, how uncreative is that? Everyone does it. Still, I decided that it didn’t really matter, and I went ahead and started cutting up fabric.

I had some things to do before I could start on the tails, but I did manage to get them done. As Master Pravus was on his way home I was sewing the ears to clips for myself. I had to make everything really simply, and quickly, and I wound up having to color the black tips on the ears and tails. Oh well. They were cute nonetheless. We left the apartment in a hurry and arrived at NDK pretty quickly. Luckily, the hotel was a mere five minutes from our house (ten with traffic) so the drive was painless. I opted to be a Pikachu too for the first day. Master Pravus started out just with a tail, and I had ears and a tail.

Alice Costume, Day 2

We actually wound up waiting in line for our badges for only about fifteen minutes or so, it was awesome. We got our badges, and since there wasn’t any panel we wanted to go to right away, we went to the vendor room. The only thing we got from the vendor room the first day was Colosso-Pig. I wanted to name him Giganto-Pig, but Applepig keeps calling him Colosso-Pig, and it kind of stuck. Colosso-Pig is a giant plush pig from the Baby Boo collection. He is larger than Biggle Piggle, and I’ve been looking forward to him all year! Master Pravus was promising me a giant pig at this NDK. I loooove him. (I know, one more thing to pack, right?) We ran back to put him in the car, and then went to our first panel of the con: Video Gaming!

The Video Gaming panel was the most fun panel of any con I’ve gone to yet. Lots of audience participation, and we all basically got to talk about our favorite and least favorite games that we’ve ever played. After that, we went to Wendy’s for some foods, I think. We ate our dinner, and went back to the con. After just a little bit of watching anime and just wandering around oogling everyone’s costumes, we ran into someone I know from Fetlife, which was definitely cool.

Speaking of Fetlife, and related things. I still think it is absolutely absurd that at NDK leashes are allowed (because, obviously, it isn’t illegal to be tethered in public fully clothed), but at Thunder In The Mountains it’s a big old stinky taboo. Fail much? Yes. I saw lots of people on leash at NDK, though I was not among them.

We wandered around a bit more, and after a little while I started to get tired, so Master Pravus took me home and tucked me in before going back to the convention. There were a couple of dances and concerts he wanted to go to. While we were both at home together, he took some double sided sticky tape and taped the Pikachu ears that I was using at the convention to his head! He looked soooo cute like that. I wasn’t at the dances, but he told me that he had a couple of people try to throw pokeballs at him. They were fabric ones, but I thought that was too cool, myself. Wish I could have been there to see it!

Alice Dress

Day two I decided to be Alice from the Alice: Madness Returns video game. If you look in the first Alice picture in this post, you can see the dress from the back. I had sewn a really cute skull that just slipped onto the apron’s strings. I am also wearing a tail and ears, but that’s because I’m a kittygirl who cosplays other characters, not a human cosplaying a kitty.ย  ::Giggles::ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

We went to the Lolita Dress up battle that morning. It was cute, but truth be told, two of the three organizers did not seem to have any confidence speaking in front of a group. It really took the excitement of the panel down for me. Also, I’m not really into the lolita look either, so this was a panel mainly for Master Pravus to enjoy. He loves lolita. Still, the battle was kind of fun, and it was cool watching the outfits the girls came up with.

After the lolita battle, we went home for another costume change. That’s what happens when you have no time to prepare for the con, I guess.

That Alice dress has sort of been the bane of my existence for a long time. When I bought it, I had ordered it custom to my measurements, and it was much bigger than me! I had to alter it at the time because not only was it too big for me (and, I had purchased it at my highest weight), but it was way too long. I measured the garment, and it was several inches too big everywhere. The whole reason I had purchased it initially was because I needed it quickly, and didn’t have time to construct the dress myself. (I was working and going to school at the time). Over the years, we’ve cut that dress up and taken it in and altered the ever-loving shit out of it. I’ve lost more weight since last year, and honestly, I just felt like I was walking around in a big bag. Not pretty. If you look in the pictures, you’ll see that from the front I look fine, but from the back the whole thing is just so boxy and large. We have just decided that we’re going to make a new one. Plenty of time and all.ย  The dress found its way to the trash.

At home, Master Pravus super glued my Chobits ears to the headband I use for them, and we ran out the door again. We were getting pretty hungry at that point, so we went back to Wendy’s. It was the closest thing near the convention. We waited for a million billion years for our food, and then headed back to the con. We watched some anime, and headed to one or two more panels. To be honest, I really don’t remember what they were because I don’t think I found them that fascinating. They weren’t bad or anything, but about ninety percent of the panels we went to were geared towards Master Pravus, and not things I was very interested in myself.


That night, we went to the Cosplay contest. There were lots of cool costumes, but I will say that we didn’t see as many awesome costumes as we did last year. Maybe we were missing them, but it seemed like there were lots more elaborate costumes last NDK. Still, there were lots of cool ones, and if you would like to see our pictures of the other people at the con, you can check out our vanilla convention tumblr here.

After the contest, we wandered around a bit more taking pictures before Master Pravus dropped me off at home again to put me to bed. He went to the Masquerave that night while I slept. He didn’t wear the Pikachu ears, but instead he borrowed my white tail. He was shocked at how much attention to yourself you have to pay when you have a tail. (Trying not to sit on it, get it stuck in car doors, etc etc). He was the same way with his ears! It was cute watching him act the way I sometimes used to with my ears and tail. For example, I used to look at my shadow a lot, because it always has cat ears. I think I’m used to it now, so I don’t pay attention. Master Pravus said his shadow looked like horns. So cute.

The next morning was the final day. We got up very early and piled into the car to go and get to the first class of the day, which was supposed to be an intermediate sewing class. I went as Chi. We got to the class, and the instructor told us the things they were going to cover. All things which I’d already known about, so we quietly left the class. Since we had extra time, we went down to the vendor room to buy our goodies for the con.

Second Costume Change For Sunday

We bought a lot of Japanese candy. A whole lot. We also got Master Pravus two shirts, me one, and some Ramune soda for Master Pravus. Talk about loot. I’ve got an orange plastic pail full of candy which is likely to take us both weeks to eat. Seriously.

Loot Shot 1

It wouldn’t all fit in one picture, so I had to take two. Let’s see, from left to right, there’s Pucca chocolate filled cookies, strawberry filled Hello Pandas, the family pack of chocolate filled koala cookies (Master’s favorite!), grape ramune, lemon lime ramune, on the inside left is Super Mario strip gum, Fusen gum, and two shirts for Master. One of the shirts says: “Anime: drugs would be cheaper”, and the other is the NDK shirt for that year.

Loot Shot 2

From left to right we see: a hard candy Hello Kitty strip, Super Powerful Lemon Candy, Cola energy drink, and strawberry Pocky.

On the way out of the dealer room, Master Pravus saw a hat that he asked me if I’d like. He said that he wanted his pretty kitty to wear it. I purred and said I would love it. Then, he asked me if I’d like any other hat on the table instead. I declined because I wanted the one he had chosen for me (which happened to be the best hat anyway). There’s a picture of me with Colosso-Pig wearing the hat a couple of pictures up. It’s a black hat with a white skull kitty on it, and a grey bow. I love it.

We were going to hang around for British Tea, but we were really tired and were going to have to wait a couple of hours before British Tea started, so we went home to relax and decompress. It was another great convention, and we look forward to the next one. Next year we want toย go to PAX Seattle, but we may swing by this one as well if they aren’t on the same weekend. We will see!

8 thoughts on “NDK 2011

  1. Seems like you had a very good time ^_^! I’m so jealous of your crossed legs, I’m trying to work on my felxibility with some daily streching and hopefully one day I’ll manage to sit like that without hurting. Have you always been this flexible? If not, may I ask you how you trained it?

    1. @Luciana Thank you so much! =^^= Truth be told, I’ve always had above average flexibility. When I was in middle and high school I did gymnastics with a heavy focus on contortion, and I spent several hours per day both in and out of the gym working on my flexibility. I hope you get to where you want to flexibility wise. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know personally that just a little bit of stretching goes a long way. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, just five or ten minutes a day really helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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