Mewtique Announcement

Baby Pink Kitty Ears Pictured

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, Master and me are in the process of moving.  I know this comes at an inconvenient time, but from October the 15th (Almost one month from today) until December the 5th, I will be temporarily closing down the Mewtique.  We are due to move in on the first of November, and shortly after we move in, we will be going on vacation across the country back home to Boston.  I will be unable to make or ship ears during this time.

I am really sorry about this to all of you who wish to order ears in time for the holidays.  There is still time to place an order before I take the shop temporarily offline (one month).  All ears placed before the October 15th cutoff will definitely make it to you before the holidays.  However, as my ears can sometimes take up to two weeks to ship without expedited shipping, and also as December is a difficult month for mail, I am not positive that any ears will make it to you before your holiday if you wait until December to order.

I apologize once again for the inconvenience to you all.  I did want to give you enough notice to still be able to get your ears made on time for any conventions or holiday gift giving.  Happy holidays and merry ear-wearing to all!

Mew mew mew,


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