Tricks To Please A Woman

I’m on a mission to collect as many kinky and sex related books as possible.  Being the type of girl who feels that there is always something for you to learn, I have truthfully picked up at least a couple of things I didn’t know even from the most basic of sex ed books.  The human body and human sexuality are such fluid interesting things to me, and it is exciting how much there is to know.

I’ve read Jay Wiseman books in the past, and I honestly was not overly impressed.  While the books I’ve read of his have been kinky books, he is a very conservative player and as such his books are very plastered with “Warning!  Never do this!”  and “O.M.G. this is too dangerous to even talk about!” when I’ve done them myself and been quite fine.  I do think that his approach is very good for beginners.  You definitely want to be knowledgeable of trying some of the more dangerous kinks before you jump right in.

I walked into Tricks To Please A Woman thinking this book was going to be full of a bunch of warnings and scare tactics.  But, it wasn’t!  Not only did I really enjoy reading this book, but it’s one that I would recommend to many of my friends.  The book is split up into sections.  There’s an intro section, then sections for: Foreplay, Safer Sex Tricks, Tool Using Tricks, Oral Tricks, Anal Tricks, Kinky Tricks, info on Afterplay, and even a brief interlude where he talks about different types of vibrators.

Cozy Up To The Fire With This Book, And Learn Some “Tricks”!

I found at least a couple of interesting tricks in each section, and some sections had more than others.  All together there are one hundred and twenty five tricks, and they are all easy to read and understand.  A couple of my favorites are:

“#19 Here’s a trick that can increase the pleasure a woman feels while you masturbate her.  Insert some fingers, usually two, into her vagina.  While that hand is pleasuring her, take the palm of your other hand and place it on her abdomen just above the pubic bone, and press down – perhaps rather firmly.  The results can be impressive.”

“#47 A condom is a tight fit over the head of a large wand vibrator, but a glove goes on easily.  If you like, you can tie a couple of the fingers together under the head of the vibrator to hold the glove on more firmly.  If you enjoy a g-spot stimulator with your vibrator, the thumb of the glove stretches neatly and easily over the “finger” part of the attachment.”

“#123 Use a toothbrush to lightly abrade your partner’s nipples.  This makes them more sensitive to strokes, etc.”

And there are many more where those came from.  Little things that I either absolutely adore (and am so glad they were included) or, hadn’t thought about yet.  One of my favorite things about the book is that it discusses STI’s (Though, it annoys me that he is still using an outdated term like STD’s), and how to prevent them.  There are lots of safer sex “tricks” and I really appreciate those being included.

Another thing that I really like about the book is how Wiseman points out that you should use these tricks sparingly.  Tricks are fun, and doing one or two in a session can be great, but if you turn you entire session into “tricks” it’s likely that neither of you will be having a lot of fun.  Take you time, relax, and use the tricks that work for you at the right moment for both of you.

I really loved this book, and am going to give it 5 paws!Thanks so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the chance to review this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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