Anniversary Outing

I think Master and me were both chomping at the bit for our days to be over last Thursday so we could finally see each other and celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We sent each other only about a million DMs on Twitter constantly all day.  I don’t think either of us got any work done.

When he got home I gave him kisses and hugs and had to wait patiently while he showered.  (It’s hard when you’ve been waiting all day already, you know!  Once he got out, we went to the car and decided to do a bit of shopping before dinner.  Master got me some cute kitty mittens and some panties and socks. Master got some shirts for himself that were pretty cool too.

We got into the car and started driving to the restaurant.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we realized that the restaurant was under construction!  Sad pandas.  I came up with the idea of going to the Cheesecake Factory because Master and me have never been there, and it was across the street.  Master thought that was a great idea (and couldn’t come up with anywhere he wanted to go) so we went there.

I’d heard that the Cheesecake Factory was a great restaurant, but I’d never been.  I can’t even believe how much we spent on food, because I didn’t even get any liquor (which is usually what ups our bill).  Master had a steak (as per usual) and he ordered me some mushrooms and a veggie platter.  I was a bit nervous about the veggie platter.  Vegan food at non-vegan restaurants can be so..  BLAND.  It was absolutely delicious though and perfectly seasoned.  It had squash, an artichoke half, broccolini, zucchini, carrots, asparagus, and more.  Noms!  I was nervous about the mushrooms because they were in a cheese sauce, and I don’t really like dairy that much.  They were only six little button mushrooms though, so it wasn’t such a big deal.  And, they were pretty good.

Master took this shot of me at the Cheesecake Factory 🙂

We spent the whole dinner giggling, talking about how far we have come together (from Boston to Colorado!  Insane!), how vastly different our lives are with each other in them.  How happy we are.

Then, there was cake!  Master ordered me a chocolate cake that he said was supposed to have a mouse in it.  (Read: mousse).  I saw no mouse, but the cake was good anyway.  The slice they gave me though was the size of my head and I seriously will be eating it for the rest of the week I’m sure.  Nuts!  As a side note:  I really, really wish that restaurants would stop giving ridiculous un-finishable pieces of food.  I mean really.  I don’t need a cake the size of my friggin’ head.  Psssh.

Apple Pig At Dinner! 🙂

After that, we went home, and could not have sex because of medical reasons.  We’re going to make up for that hardcore this weekend.  Stories to come.

7 thoughts on “Anniversary Outing

  1. sweet! Glad you had a nice evening out to celebrate being together, together. 🙂 Love how cute you two are with each other…

    P.S. Of *course* the cheesecake factory would give you a slice of cake the size of your head. They’re known for their desserts!!

  2. that veggie plate looks very yummers, also looks like more then i could finish anymore, *HEH*, sounds like you both had a wonderfull time, congrats again dear lady


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