Henry VI

You know, before I met Master, I spent about six years of my life with Betta fish.  They’re feisty little fish, and they are absolutely gorgeous, they live a long time and are easy to care for.  Or, so I thought.  When I was younger, I had no access to the internet, and so I just took care of each of my fish based on how I was told to at the pet store.  Simple.  Feed the fish a pellet or two a day (I always overfed my fish, and they always grew up to be huge!) and keep it in a little bowl, they don’t need much room to swim around (apparently).  I changed out my old fish’s water once a week, conditioned it, all that jazz.  They still weren’t much work.

After Samantha died, I felt a need to care for a pet, and our other kitty, Sabrina does not really like me.  I absolutely want a new cat, but not yet.  I still need time to heal.  Henry VI was brought in as an inexpensive way for me to have my own pet again (not that Samantha was mine, but I treated her as such, and Master said I could be her Mommy).  We have had Henry for less than two months, and despite all the research I’ve done to be sure I was taking proper care of Henry, he’s sick right now.

It’s frustrating to me, because I really wanted to do this right.  I wanted to make sure that Henry was the happiest fish that there ever was.  I got him a larger tank (because I read that bettas need a lot of room to swim), I made sure to get him rocks and a tank decoration to keep him occupied (because I read they like rocks, and need to be able to play.  I got him food with flakes and sea monkeys in it, because I read that feeding him one type of food can be bad for their digestion, and because I found out they are carnivores.

Everything was going well for the first month.  When we brought him home, Henry was absolutely gorgeous, and had big voluminous fins.  At the end of the month, I noticed that he was looking pale, and so did Master.  I changed out his water for him.  After we changed out his water, we noticed that his fins had a couple of very small tears in them, about the size of a grain of salt.  We decided to watch it and maybe go back to the fish store in the morning if it looked worse.  The next day we woke up, and Henry looked like this:

Fin Rot

He was still very pale as you can see (He is a very vibrantly colored fish usually), but what worried me was his find which were so chewed up!  I grimaced, he was hard to look at.  I showered and waited for Master to wake up, and he drove me to the Fish Den in Denver to see if they had any advice.  They took one look at Henry’s pictures (I took pics to show them!) and made an “Eew” noise, before recommending a product called Betta Revive which is supposed to be good for everything.  We’re also changing his water every day while he is sick.

We’ve been using the Betta Revive for almost three days now, and the package says you can use it up to seven.  He looks much, much better already, and his fins even seem to be growing out a bit.  We’re feeding him black worms and he seems to be much improved.  For now though, we’re keeping him in a smaller “hospital tank” bowl, and when he is better, we’re going to put him back in his bigger tank, but sans any rocks or decorations.  I really hope this stuff works.  I’ve never had a sick fish, or one who lasted less than three years.

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    1. @Nikki It doesn’t hurt my feelings, luckily. 🙂 The thing about Sabrina is that she’s not social is really only ever bonded with Master. So, she’ll let Master pet her, but 95% of the time she is just hiding in the house somewhere, unseen.

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