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As many of you know, Master and me are in the midst of a pretty big move for us.  It’s a big deal because we can’t have a bunch of our closest friends over (we only have met a few people in Colorado who we’re friends with, and, miraculously – none of them live very close with a half hour drive being the closest!)  It is scary but also thrilling to be doing this all by ourselves.  All in all though, the major burden to pack everything and unpack everything falls to me.  Don’t get me wrong, Master will help pack when we draw close to the move in date, if I haven’t got everything done on my own – but it’s mainly my responsibility to get it done.  Under normal circumstances, I take two or three weeks off from work pre and post move so that I can both pack and unpack the majority of our belongings, but we won’t have that luxury this time.  Not only are we going on vacation two weeks after the move, but this time there’s a huge deposit we have to pay going into our new place.  We’re both OK with this, we’re not going to have any problems paying it or anything like that, but it’ll mainly be coming out of “my” (I say “my” because I give all my money to Master making it his, I just mean, the money I earn myself) money.  Most likely, I won’t be able to take days off, but if I can, then we will cross that bridge when we get there.  On top of trying to pack everything up, I still need to keep up with my usual chores and work schedule – including the Mewtique.  While the Mewtique will temporarily close from the 15th of October until December 5th, you can see how for the moment I have a lot on my plate.  I’m not unhappy about it at all, busy hands are good.

However, since things are going to likely get a bit boring around here (moving, packing, etc) I’m going to slow down on my blog temporarily.  Not forever, just until we manage to land in the new apartment and get things reasonably set up.  I’ll still write posts a couple of times per week, at a minimum once per week – but there won’t be posts every single day for a while.  I’ll still be more than happy to post pictures as Master and me take them, but I’d imagine taking pictures will happen less as the move gets closer.  I’m going to post reviews for the toys listed on my Upcoming Reviews page, and then that will slow down until we’re in our new place as well.

I just wanted to let you all know, because I didn’t want anyone to worry about Master and me.  We’re both doing great.  I’m fine, I’m just going to have my hands a bit full, as will Master.  We’re not quitting blogging, and we will be back to our daily posts lickety split!  We just need about a month and a half to get things rolling over here.

Pony Technique

Last night we did a bit of pony play, which was fun.  Back when I first started pony training, I could not support Master’s 322 pound bulk for anything but standing still.  Moving at all was impossible, even just typical pony rocking that a four legged pony needs to learn.  In order to do much pony training, Master had me train using some friends of ours.  I started with really small girls who were about 115 pounds, and move up to about 180.  Others could sit on me, but I couldn’t bring them anywhere, or rock.  We had a pony trainer come out of state to train me a bit, and one thing we did since I could not move too far with him either was to lean on a chair or the futon bar, and the trainer would mount me after climbing on a chair.  This was how I learned to rock, initially.

Master and me never really did that again, until I hurt my wrist about four years ago.  For a long while I couldn’t even turn the dial on the shower to turn the water on and off, let alone do any pony training.  It took us moving once to really strengthen my wrist, and after we moved out here to Colorado, I found that my wrist was much stronger than before.  Still, it isn’t up for shuttling people across floors, and it often feels weak when Master sits on me and puts his whole weight on me.  For a while we could only do stand-up pony play.

Last night, I don’t even know how it started (I rarely know how I find myself in these awesome situations) but in the midst of packing, I found Master on my back, with me holding a tight arch and trying to rock a bit with my elbows on the bed.  In the above picture, I’m in the position that Master puts me in before he mounts me.  After he mounts me and gives me the signal, I go up on my elbows, leaning on the bed.  The rocking strengthens my core, which will help for later when we’re ready for pony play on my wrist again.

It also helps me to feel like a good pony.  Aside from the obedience, one of the major things I love about pony play is feeling like an animal who is being used for labor.  Right now we’ve only used my pony talents for transport, but someday maybe I can help Master haul loads around on our settlement.  Maybe.

Oh, and just so you know, that red dot on my back is actually a bite mark.  Master bit me pretty good, and we were both surprised by the mark it left.  Not the fact that it left a mark, but more because it made more of a hickey and less of a bite.  He didn’t suck on my back at all.  He just sunk his chompers in there and let me melt into puddles on the bed.

Medically, I’m doing okay.  As you all know, I’ve had a quite a problem with my PCOS this year.  I’ve had nearly a cyst per month, so something isn’t right.  We’ve exhausted all of the treatments that are non-hormonal and none of them help, and some of them cause serious problems.  Master and me did not want me to go on hormonal birth control, but it’s the only thing left that could possibly prevent these cysts from forming in the first place.  Having to take a week or so off from everything (even sitting hurts!) per month, not to mention all the Emergency Room visits, is just not working out for either Master or me.  Against our better judgement, last night I started birth control pills.

We’re not opposed to birth control pills in general, but we’ve tried many in the past.  I’ve been on the patch, Nuva Ring, various pills.  Sure, they all prevent pregnancy, but they also have some nasty side effects.  I had one pill cause terrible chest pain for months before we figured out what it was.  I have had others cause painful swelling of my legs.  The worst one gave me migraines every single day, and was a huge damper on life in general.  I had to live on Excedrine Migraine, and that’s no good for you either.

The pill I started last night my doctor says typically has few side effects in most people she tries it in.  I’m hoping that it works out without causing me to be really sick or to make me have migraines or anything for the next few weeks.  The good news is that my doctor says if things go well that I can just get the Norplant which will free me from the need to take a pill each day, and will also likely remove my periods.  Nice.


Henry VI

Some wonderful news!  Henry VI is doing much, much better!  We used his Betta Revive on him for a full seven days, and his fins are about 95% healed.  As you can see, his bottom fins are still a little bit ragged, but you’re not supposed to use the Betta Revive for longer than one week.  We’re hoping his infection has been killed, and he is going to heal up on his own.  We did decide to put him back in his big tank, and we took out the roman columns that were in there, but left the rocks so that the filter would still work.  I’m so pleased he was able to recover!  Hooray!


8 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. I would becareful with taking the pill. I was on it for 6 years and have just come off coz we thought it was giving me tummy troubles (turns out I am allergic to gluten). But since I have been off the pill the blue lines on my leg that I used to have on my upper thighs have practically disapeared (vein lines)!!! It is weird I never thought they were there coz of the pill I just thought you know there naturally there but I am pretty damn sure the pill caused them. But I hope you find a solution one way or another and good luck with the move!

    1. @MomoNoHanna I really do *not* want to take the pill, but since I have exhausted every other option available, it’s all I got. 🙁 I’ve had terrible side effects on it before, and I don’t relish those, but at the same time, I have to do something.

  2. Good luck with the move and the pills… I keep having to change mine every year or two because new complications come up.

    I find it, funny when reading blogs from people who have lived in cities most of their lives. 30 minutes, here, is relatively close for us. Of course, I drive that one way to and from campus, everyday.

    1. @NoxServa Yeah that is one reason I don’t want to take the pills, but there’s nothing else to do. 🙁

      Lol! I don’t personally mind driving 30 minutes (or more) to see friends, but I’m not the only one who has to drive there, if that makes sense. Both sides have to be willing.

    1. Thanks for the warning @Brian. Luckily with Norplant, there are lots and lots of different drug combos that can be inserted under the skin. It likely wasn’t the Norplant itself that killed your friend’s sex drive – but the type of drug that she got implanted with. That is why my doctor is trying me on pills first, and when we find one that works well after 3-6 months we’re going to try the Norplant. Also: you can easily have the Norplant removed at any time with a small incision in your doctor’s office. 🙂 This way, if it causes me any problems they can easily be reversed with removal.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of news for one blog post!
    Good luck with the move 😀
    Wahey for pony training! And bigger waheys for Henry feeling better! Glad it’s all sorting itself out!

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