How To Beat The Packing Blues

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Don’t mind the background mess.  I told you before, we’re moving.  It’s gonna be messy for a while.

Either way though, (AFF) this little beauty arrived a couple of days ago to our house.  Master and me were both excited.  We’d been wanting it for over a year, but it was always out of stock.  Actually, we didn’t think it was ever going to come back in stock, so when we saw it, I snatched it up.  Oh my goodness!  Those barbed wire pieces are made from incredibly stiff leather.  They cut my skin on the first use, and it only took about five strokes with it for me to start feeling that lovely throbbing sensation that most floggers give – all over my back.  Even Master likes the look and feel of it.


I’m really disappointed at how little the marks show up.  My back was cherry red, and covered in little scratches, and we only used this thing for about a half an hour.  Some of the redness turned to bruises the next day as well, but they are too light to show up either.  (We’re going to be replacing our crap camera soon though).  Still, it was so much fun, and afterwards, there was much gulping of cock.  Just ask Master.  We didn’t get any pics of that though.

After the fun, Master ran alcohol swabs all over my back, because (even if the pics don’t show it) I got little cuts all over my skin.  I never used to like alcohol swabs, but after I get cut with his finger knives, or after a flogging or beating with an instrument that actually breaks skin, it feels wonderful to me.  Could be all those endorphins, I’m guessing.

It’s a shame!  This flogger feels so much better to me than others I’ve tried (because of the skin breakage component), so I want to share it with all my friends!  Alas, since we’ve broken skin with it, I’ll be sharing it with no one, unless we’re fluid bonded.  I feel like someone gave me the tastiest piece of cake, and everyone is allowed to watch me eat it, but no one may so much as lick it.  If THAT doesn’t beat the moving/packing blues, nothing will, yes?

Some Of Those Marks Are Bite Marks

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5 thoughts on “How To Beat The Packing Blues

  1. You have such a beautiful back! I’m happy you like the flogger, well it’s a pleasure to read about the chemistry between you two 🙂 I’ll miss your updates!! Good luck with the moving! 🙂

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