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Master is in the other room, working remotely.  There is a guy here right now to fix the tiles in both the laundry room, and Master bathroom.  I’m exhausted, so I’m taking a break.

The move is going well, and now that there’s less than a month until the move in date, we’re in full swing.  Packing is going fine with little issue.  We’ve even been able to get a lot of free boxes just by surfing Craigslist, which is something I didn’t expect to find.  We booked our movers the other day too, so I’m feeling a lot more secure about this whole thing.

Master and me are both tired.  He is working an extra hour every day to get a day off every eight days (a new schedule they are offering at work) for this month only.  That way he’ll have two extra days off this month to help with the packing and moving.  I’m largely doing the work on my own though (and I’m OK with that).

We don’t have a bed at the moment.  The one we had was super intensely firm.  Master used to love it when he was over 300 pounds, but now that he is 160, it even hurts his back.  I’ve been tossing and turning on the thing for years.  Since Master’s back has never been right, we decided we didn’t wanna haul this shit bed to the new place.  (Why pay movers to move something we plan to toss already in a couple of months?) 

In the meantime we’re using the blow up mattresses that my parents bought for us for the move out here.  They are remarkably comfortable, and we’ve both been sleeping like logs.  They may not be the best beds out there, but for us – compared with what we’ve been stuck with – they are like sleeping on a cloud.  Ooh, and we even added eggshells to them off the old bed, so, we’re sleeping like awesome.  We’ve had no mishaps with this, except for Master’s mattress which had a tiny little scrape that we didn’t see until we blew it up the first time, and had to dunk the whole freaking thing in water.  At least we figured it out though.  As an aside, we had to go to three different stores to find a patch kit.  Who knew they were so impossible to find?

Despite my and Master’s misgivings, and the warning of a million billion (slight exaggeration) people, the birth control is going well.  It hurts my stomach quite a bit here and there, but only for moments at a time.  I also had to change the time I took it, because it was keeping me awake at night. 

For those of you who use birth control for actual pregnancy prevention, don’t do this.  Or, if you do – talk to your doctor first, because birth control only works properly if you take it at the exact same time each day.  I am not taking it for pregnancy prevention, so we felt safe moving my dose around the one time.  Since the change I’ve been sleeping very well, and all in all have had very few side effects on this drug.  Master and me are pleased.  Only time will tell how long that’ll last, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

And, so this isn’t a bunch of text – here’s a picture of me, as I am now.  I’m not wearing my ears in the pic, because I don’t usually wear ears when I clean.  I’m too likely to reach up with a soapy or dirty hand and adjust it or something I normally wouldn’t.

On The Blow Up Bed

Mew mew!  I’ll update as things progress, and I do have a couple more review to post as well, when I have a bit more time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “As I Type This

  1. you dont need your ears to be cute, I wear the ears i bought from you quite alot myself, but not all the taime, and not when im just arround the house for the very simuler reasons.

    *hugs* for you pretty lady


  2. OMG I could kill for a firm mattress. I agree, I’m well over 300 lbs and the super soft mattress that Master loves, kills my back. I end up sleeping on the floor 9 times out of ten just so that I’m not in misery the next day. I’ll get my vote in next time we buy a bed and get a firmer mattress (unless I’m able to drop 100 lbs by then).

    1. @LunaKM We thought about putting it up on Craigslist, but it was so old we opted not to. Oddly, whenever I want to sleep on the floor, Master doesn’t let me. He wants me in the bed with him, which is fine – but that mattress was a killer. I have the eggs in my back to prove it. As an idea, if you’re both going to be putting in your .02, you might want something like a sleep number bed. You could have your firmness, and your Master could have his softness. 🙂

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