First Snow Of The Year!

Bettie’s First Snow Of The Year!

The weather man said we’d be getting a couple flurries, but nothing that would accumulate.  Master and me didn’t think anything of it, because the chances of us getting much snow were slim.

The next morning, I woke up with the fire going next to me, and I opened my eyes.  The window looked really grey for some reason.  I sat up in bed, and yelled “Master, is it snowing?!”  while I looked around for my glasses.  He said it was, and came over to snuggle me.

We purred and snuggled and watched the snow fall for a bit.  I got up and showered, and then we settled in for our first snow day.  We opened all of the window curtains (so we could watch!), and I made my first cup of hot apple cider for the year.  We played a lot of video games, snogged, watched movies, and just enjoyed the snow day.

A lot of people don’t understand what the appeal of snow is to me – if I don’t like being cold.  Well, at our house – in the summer I freeze (thanks to Master loving the A/C) and in the winter, I’m usually comfortable.  Master won’t even snuggle in the summer because he gets too hot.

I do sometimes miss the snow from back east though.  People in Colorado say they get a lot of snow here, but they really don’t.  While it may snow here a lot, the snow is always gone by the next day, because it rarely stays below freezing long enough for it to stick around.  Last year the snow lasted two days once – and that was because we had a Hell of a Nor’Easter.  Though, by day three, it was gone.

Another thing people don’t understand about Colorado snow (near Metro Denver, there is ALWAYS more snow is the more mountainy parts) is that it really doesn’t snow all that much even if we do get snow.  True, we got an inch of snow yesterday in October, but it was gone by that night, and we are due to have sunny skies for the next several days.  It doesn’t even rain here that much, let alone snow.

Do I miss being snowed in with Master more?  Yeah – but I’m just glad there’s snow here at all.  If there was no snow here, I could never have moved here.  I need at least some to feel at home.  It’s so beautiful, and fun, and rare, really.  We get sunshine year round – but snow?  That’s something you can only have a couple months out of the year.  I still don’t like driving in it, but everything else about it?  Snow angels, cozying up by the fire and watching it fall, leaving foot prints in it, throwing snowballs.  Yeah.  I love all that stuff.

Let it snow!

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