Dear Master,

Before you read this, Master, I just wanted to say that there’s nothing particular which spurred it.  Sometimes a kitty just feels incredibly grateful for her life, and for her Master, and her place in the world, and how good she has it.  <3  I love you!

Dear Master,

I want to be controlled.  Not just in the bedroom, but in all aspects of my life.  I want to do the things which you tell me to not because I am incapable of choosing for myself; but because I genuinely want to make you happy.  I know that making you happy is not always easy.  Sometimes you ask me to do things which in the moment I find difficult.  Sometimes the things you want are things which I really do not want to do, or which I have less than no desire to achieve.  For you, I am more than eager to push past those feelings.  For you I can move mountains and do things which I never thought possible.  Because of you.

Because of you.

Because of you I am happy.  Heart open, and wings spread.  You know the deepest most darkest desires of my heart.  You know what makes me whole, happy, and puts me at peace.  You also know that those things are not always typical of a girl, or a person, or a slave.  Still, you love and nurture each seed within me.  By giving myself over to you, I am acknowledging all parts of me, and allowing them to flourish.

I touch my collar and smile to myself.  You remind me often what it means to you, what it means to us, what it means to the world.  You chose me just as I have chosen you.  With a smile on my face, and an open and cheerful heart – I look eagerly towards our future together.  Thank you for being one of the ones.

I love you.

Each and every day we’re together I am content.  The sad times don’t seem as sad, the happy times are only the better.  With your leash tethered snugly around my heart, I find peace.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be at your feet.

Thank you for giving me love, and kisses, and beatings, and fear, and every emotion this side of the sun.

Loving you is a pleasure, a joy, and something I will be forever grateful for.


Looking Out To The Future, With You

5 thoughts on “Dear Master,

  1. You always make me smile, ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if it’s when I come home and see your face light up, it doesn’t matter if I’m reading your writing, hearing your voice on the phone or just thinking of you randomly. You, out everyone I have met and had the chance to know, You are the one who makes everything and anything better.
    Thank you for giving me everything. I treasure you beyond the dreams of avarice and I know our future together is going to continue to be a fun adventure. I am eager for the challenges it will bring, with you at my feet I know it will only get better.


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