Day Zero Progress

And, a fun story!  Let’s start out with the progress, because that’s always fun.

One of my Day Zero Project goals is to be able to drive without being scared.  It’s something I really want to be able to do.  I used to love to drive in fact, but I haven’t been the same since the car accident  a couple years ago. I’m just always really scared.  I’m not just scared of accidents, I’m also terrified of cops.  I’ve been pulled over more than once for things I did not do, and I even got my license suspended for going through a yellow light once.  You read that right, yellow.  I have no luck, sometimes.

Anyway, while we’re living at the complex we live at, it is feasible for Master to walk to and from work.  In order to get him exercising more, he decided he might as well take advantage of that before the end of the month, when it’ll no longer be possible.  He has not walked on snowy or rainy days though, which makes sense to me.

Yesterday, as I was getting things ready for his arrival at the end of the day, I noticed it was raining and cold outside.  We weren’t expecting rain or cold until Wednesday, which is today.  The thought of Master walking all the way home in the cold and rain got to me.  It really, really bothered me.  I felt selfish for even considering allowing him to walk it in.  (I had the car, so really, it was up to me whether or not I was going to help.)  I called Master up on the phone (which I try not to do while he’s at work, unless I have to), and took a deep breath, and then asked him if he’d like me to pick him up at the local 7-11 after work so he wouldn’t have to walk the whole way.  I actually don’t know how to get to his place of work by car, and even if I did, I really, really do not feel ready to drive on the highway alone yet.  7-11 is a five minute drive from the house, or a twenty minute walk, so I figured that was a help.  Master was completely shocked by my call (and I’ll admit, so was I!) and he eagerly accepted.

I sat down (I had earned myself about twenty free minutes at that point), and I played Neopets and tried not to think about the drive at all.  I became so emersed that I completely lost track of time, but fortuitously I “woke up” from my Neopets trance at the exact moment I was due to leave to get Master.  Luckily, I had my shoes on.

I got in the car, checked my mirrors, and very shakily drove.  I hated each and every minute of it.  My shoulders were pretty much pinned to my ears the entire time, and I was terribly unhappy about the whole drive.  Each foot of pavement felt like a mile, I swear it took me an hour in my mind to get there.  When I finally got there, I was so excited to see Master that I accidentally drove over the curb a little bit.  Ugh.  The good news is the car is fine, and it was just a little, little bit.  Master started for the passenger side, but giggled when he saw me pick my right leg up and throw it over the middle console of the car.  I did not want to drive home.  When he got in the car, he gave me kisses and told me that I was a good kitty for driving.  I felt horrible about the curb thing, but it was really great that he was so supportive.  I needed it right then for sure.  I definitely need more work before I can drive alone without being scared, but driving alone for however small a trip it was is a step.  I’m proud of myself, but not keen on doing that again soon.

*     *     *

And now, onto a more fun story!  A couple of days ago, Master and me were sort of feeling a bit of burnout from the packing and not spending any money (movers are expensive!), so we decided to get ourselves a treat.  We went to the local mall to get Master an ice cream (I didn’t want one), and while we were there, Master decided he was going to get me a pumpkin spice latte.  Pumpkin is my favorite flavor and it’s in about everything this time of year.  It was a perfect treat.  On our way to get the coffee and his ice cream, we noticed a yarn display in a regular store window.  Ok, I noticed it.  Master was holding my hand, and I stopped walking to stare at the giant yarn ball, mewing playfully and remarking about how I need a ball that size.  Master and me both giggled.

Master didn’t want to cause a scene, so he told me that he’d get the camera ready and when he told me, I should get down on hands and knees to get a picture near the ball.  I thought that sounded fun, and got down on my knees when he told me to.  As we were waiting for Master’s camera phone to take the picture, a woman walked past us!  She giggled and said that I was the cutest thing she ever saw.  “A kitty with a giant ball of yarn!” she also remarked “How adorable is that!  Perfect!”  I laughed.  It was too perfect that a complete stranger was even encouraging this display of public silliness.  Awesome.

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