Happy Mew-lloween!


Another Mew-lloween!  I have no clue why, but Halloween is the most common time of year for Master and me to move.  It seems we’re always moving boxes on Halloween.  Well, this time, the actual process of moving boxes starts tomorrow morning, and the house is looking pretty empty right about now.  This is good.

I have no idea what we’ll be up to tonight.  We may stay in and order a pizza, go out to eat, or just fuck in bed all day.  Honestly, any of those options would work just fine for me.  Hee hee.  For those of you out there celebrating with your family, or partying with friends though – have a safe and happy night, from all of us here in the Grant house.  We hope your night is full of sweets, love, and all the sexy time you desire.  Here’s to another Mew-lloween!


Oh, and don’t forget!  Kittygirls also tend to make excellent furniture.


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