Oo-mox, Humiliation, And Me.

Kitty Ear

As time goes on, and as I’ve explained in past blog posts, humiliation gets more and more difficult for me.  I’m just harder to humiliate!  The things which once were major humilators to me, I’ve “taken back” and enjoy not from the standpoint of being humiliated by them, but by accepting and being OK with them in general.

A couple of days ago, Master surprised me by managing to humiliate me.  And, it only had a very little bit to do with Star Trek, Ferengi, and Oo-mox.  Also, there were penises.  Or, one penis.

Something I don’t talk very much about in general, is that my ears are a major erogenous zone for me.  It’s not really something that comes up a lot, even when talking about sex.  Lots of people find the ears to be a sexual place, and when the time comes to talk about it, I do, it’s just not often that it occurs.

When I first met Master Pravus, he knew I kind of had a thing for ears.  It’s true!  It’s not a fetish for me, but I find ears to be cute, and attractive, and I like to kiss and lick and nibble them.  He offhandedly made a joke one day about how I reminded him of a Ferengi, with my ear lust.  I had no idea what a Ferengi was since I was not a big Star-Trek fan, so he started showing me a couple of episodes of Star Trek.  I was immediately attracted to the Ferengi!  It isn’t their constant money lust or their thievery that gets me.  I find those things unattractive.  Still, those ears!  A lot could be overlooked for an evening or two, no?

Well, that was years ago, and truthfully my ears don’t generally get a ton of attention.  It isn’t that I don’t like ear attention, see above.  I’m just not apt to direct a partner to my ears or ask for them to touch them.  I have no clue why, since I’m likely to ask for a caning or a spanking.  Maybe it’s because asking for kinky things is easy.  I can ask for them, (not that I always get them), and sometime in the future they may or may not happen.  With the ear stuff, I guess I just found it to be a bit weird.  Kind of like asking for kisses.  I don’t ask for kisses – I get them or give them, generally.

Shortly after moving in here, Master started watching Deep Space 9 from the beginning.  Of course, I was again taken with the ever-sexy Quark, and the Ferengi in general.  (Ooh!  The ears!)  A couple of times, I’ve seen Quark receive Oo-mox, which is basically an ear massage.  Oo-mox seems to leave the Ferengi very vulnerable as they are completely overcome by pleasure and they sometimes agree to or say things they may not ordinarily.  Oo-mox is attractive to me.

Each time a Ferengi comes on the screen Master Pravus makes a comment to me.  The couple of times that a Ferengi has received Oo-mox on screen Master Pravus has touched and teased my ears, which has had very good results.  ::cough::

A couple of nights ago, Master and me were playing when he took out the vampire gloves.  I felt him spanking me with them, the sharp needles tearing my bum.  I felt him dig them deep into my shoulders, drag them lightly on my neck..  Then, I felt them pricking my ears.  My clit throbbed.

He’s remembered.  I thought.  And..  He’s teasing me because of it..

I tried to push the thoughts away and concentrate on Master Pravus, and me, and my swollen clit throbbing like mad between my legs.

He nibbled my ears, kissed them, tore into my shoulders some more with the gloves.  We were having fun.  He told me to lay down on my back, and spread my legs, and he knelt before me with his dick in front of my mouth.  As I sucked his cock, he told me to turn my head to one side, and I did so.  Then, (and somehow, I hadn’t expected it) he began rubbing his dick all over my ear.  First one, then the other side.  This was probably Oo-mox to the extreme.

I blushed deep red, but I don’t think he could see my face is the dim lighting.  I felt pretty humiliated then.  He asked me if I liked it, and, ashamed, I just giggled a little and said nothing.  He giggled a bit too. It was that knowing sort of giggle that he has when he’s gotten to me.  It isn’t easy to get to me.

A couple of hours later, I admitted to him that I did in fact like having his cock on my ear..  A lot.  I told him that I was just so humiliated at the time, and I didn’t really understand why that would humiliate me, and not a lot of the other things which do.  He laughed and was really surprised that I was ashamed to admit it.  I usually admit lots of things, with little to no shame.

And, I guess that’s how Ferengi Oo-mox came into our bedroom.

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