I love being groomed, but it’s not something that happens very often.  Sometimes, Master will tell me to bring him my brush and sit between his legs, and he will brush my fur.  Sometimes, he will tell me to lay still while he runs a Q-tip around my ear.  Sometimes he will give me “paw rubbies” and rub my paws while he “Checks for kitty litter”.  Yesterday he did something we hadn’t done yet, but which I thought was very fun.

We had just gotten home from doing a few little errands, and he had me take off everything but my panties (since I was bleeding).  He got a few things for us out of the dungeon, took a shower, and put down a Liberator Throe.  He told me to put my hair up in what he likes to call a “garlic knot” (it resembles a type of garlic bread called a garlic knot from a pizza place around us).  He told me to stand on the throe, and while I did he cuffed my ankles with sturdy leather cuffs.  Then, he told me to kneel, and he put my furry paw mittens on my paws and locked them on by placing a set of wrist cuffs over their base.

I batted at him lightly and purred as he let me kiss his arm and roll on the floor.  He told me what a good kitty I was, and without me really realizing it he had clipped my ankles together, and then my wrists together, and then clipped my wrists between my legs to my ankles.  Enjoying my new-found helplessness, Master rolled me this way and that.  After a couple of minutes, he rolled me to my side and teasingly told me he had to check my paws for kitty litter.  “Kitty has no litter, Master!”  I giggled.  He told me that it’s his job to make sure, anyway.  I knew he was doing this more for mild humiliation than anything, because I had not been using a litter box that day.

Next, he remarked that my “claws” were getting too long, and he’d need to trim them.  I do not know why, but this panicked me a bit.  No one but me has ever clipped my toe nails, and I was terrified that maybe he’d clip too much or something.  It’s a difficult thing to judge on someone else.  I was very, very still for this, and very, very quiet.  Mainly I was scared.  He didn’t clip too much of anything though, and I got away without injury.  (Of course!)

After that, he got Q-tips out, and cleaned my ears, rolling me back and fourth on the mat as he pleased to be sure that each ear got enough attention.  Despite my love for Oo-mox, I never enjoy this.  I always have to struggle not to squirm, and I know one or two quiet mews always escape me.  Master threatened me with the ball gag if I couldn’t keep quiet.  I love the ball gag, but it was obvious he didn’t want me to have it in, so I tried to keep quiet.

After he finished cleaning my ears, he put two small pillows under my neck.  I wasn’t sure at all what he was planning on doing because he kept most of his implements just out of sight.  It suddenly became clear to me why he wanted my hair in a garlic knot.  I felt the buzzers on the back of my head.  It had been over two weeks since my last trim.  Master must have managed to unpack the hair buzzers when I wasn’t looking.  I was surprised that he was willing to get hair all over the pillows, but it didn’t seem to bother him at all.  (We threw them into the washer and dryer after we were done, anyway).

I remember really liking the whole grooming affair.  While I usually like being groomed, it was different this time.  I felt very much more “animal”, and less like a girl getting groomed.  While both are wonderful, this was different to me, and I enjoyed it immensely.

After my grooming, Master took my pillows away and he rolled me onto my back.  He put his dick in front of my face and I knew I was going to be given permission to suck it.  And, suck it I did.  After a couple of minutes, Master mounted my chest and began to tit-fuck me until he came.  It only took him a few all-too-short minutes.  I love the feel of his cum on me.  No orgasm for me this time around, and off into the shower I went.


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