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The other day I woke up to a short email from an online friend of mine, telling me she picked me for the Virtual Blogger Award!

Thank you so much, to Treasure of MDPT!  I am totally honored! <3

The rules of the award are that you are supposed to link back to the person who chose you (Happily! :), and tell seven things about yourself, as well as linking to 15 bloggers that you think deserve the award as well.

Let me start off by being honest and saying that I do not follow 15 bloggers regularly.  I tend to keep other people’s kinks out of my own kink, which is why I tend to steer clear of other people’s blogs.  I don’t want other people’s kinks influencing what Master Pravus and me have.  However, I do read a few blogs of people who I admire or know/have met in person who are similar in kink style to Master Pravus and me, and each one is worthy of this award to me.  Let me give you seven facts about myself before I get to those people though.

1: I love the snow.  Absolutely love it!

2: I collect plushies, but mainly plush pigs.  I have two that I keep with me nearly all the time though, Applepig and Biggle Piggle.

3: I love to sew!

4: I cannot sleep without my restraints on. <3

5: I am an adult entertainer.

6: I am a Monopoly shark! Love that game.

7: I adore kitties, and we have two beautiful ones right now.

8: I am incredibly loyal.

9: While I’m a masochist, I’m a complete baby when I’m sick.  (Being sick is not consensual, get out of me, germs!  You don’t have permission to be here!)

10: My favorite place to me, is at Master’s feet. <3

And now, onto the lovely bloggers who I highly recommend, and they are in no particular order!

1: TheWinsomeGypsy.  If her amazing brain didn’t suck me in, her engaging writing style would anyway. While she doesn’t post very often, what she does post always draws me in and makes me think.  She is an amazing friend and submissive, and a gorgeous girl all around.  If you have a couple of minutes I highly recommend her site!

2: SlaveSqueekALot. I love reading SlaveSqueekALot’s posts.  She’s always sexy and fun to read.  She is very open and posts some hot photos too!  Plus, she is a gamer.  What’s not to love?

3: Sir StompsALot.  I really admire Sir StompsALot’s blog.  I love that he is not ashamed to admit when he has made a mistake.  He has no qualms with asking for help.  He runs House Irontide with his two girls and his happiness and sadism are both a parent and fun to read about.

I know there are one or two more that I have missed, but the ones I listed are incredible reads.  I really very highly recommend each, and I hope you will check them all out!

*Note: I have come back and removed several blogs years later as these blogs are inactive or otherwise deleted. These ones were live or still had an address at the time of my edit. Also, unfortunately- Treasure no longer has a blog.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Blogger Award

  1. ” I tend to keep other people’s kinks out of my own kink, which is why I tend to steer clear of other people’s blogs.”

    Is there a reason for that? I tend to do the same and find this comment a bit interesting. However, for me, it’s because I tend to feel threatened by other women (I doubt this is the case for you as you happily play outside your relationship).

    PS: As usual, I <3 your blog. I do however miss Apple Pig.

    1. Apple Pig is still around. 😉 He’s even on Twitter as @InfuriatedPigs! ^^

      In the past I’ve had problems with comparing other’s kinks & mine. “Why does ____ have this rule & not me?” Or ,” am *I* the only girl in the world who does ___?” “Does only Master like girls to do ___?”

      It’s not really an issue now. In part because I keep other’s kinks out of ours. But, also because I’m comfortable with our kink now, and we’ve gotten to a place that I really am happy. (It was tougher in the beginning, I think, while we were trying to figure out who likes what, what’d be expected of me, etc.) So now, I tend only to read blogs of those who are already similar in style to us.

      It is difficult to describe, so I hope that makes sense. =^^=

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