We’re Back From Our Trip

And I have  to say that both Master and me could not be happier.  It isn’t that we don’t love our families, it’s merely that we love them more from a distance.  I won’t go into a daily play-by-play this time, but I’ll give some highlights of the trip.

Master, Me, And Apple Pig At The Airport Before We Flew Out

As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t wear my metal collar when going through security at the airport, for myriad reasons.  Therefore, Master put my traveling collar on me before we left for Denver International Airport.  We got there, and after the ski team that was travelling with us got their bags checked (boy was that a fun wait in line), we headed over the security.  The security guy was really nice.  He had us put stuff in bins (as per usual), and as I went to take off my collar he said:

“Don’t take that off, Sweetheart.”

“But…  It has metal.”

“What did I say?” He jokingly teased me.  “Leave it.”

I laughed a little and smiled.  I wonder if he knew?  I think more people “know” that we realize.  Lo and behold, it wasn’t a problem, and I stayed in the backscatter xray for literally two seconds.  Having found no weapons on me (aside from wicked wiles, which radiation never seams to detect) I was on my way.  Master had a lot of electronics so it took him an extra couple of minutes to get through the security checkpoint.  I had my shoes on and was waiting for him when he finally got through.

I watched his bag, and as he sat down to put his shoes on, I knelt in front of him to put them on for him.  He smiled.  Sometimes it is the smallest gestures, even in public which keep us connected.  I am his.  I belong.  Putting his shoes on (or taking them off) makes me feel like I belong in the biggest of ways.  Better yet, no one really thought anything of this.  We were quiet and out of the way, so it was really just a little moment for us.  The flight was easy, and much faster than we anticipated too.

The whole trip went pretty well, all things considered.  Unfortunately the night before we left for Boston, we got a call from Master’s brother.  I knew something was up, because he never calls to just chat.  As it turns out, Sarumom (Master’s Mom) wound up in the hospital with a fever that she didn’t realize she had.  She’d had it for a while though.  They didn’t figure out what the problem was until about a day after we got there.  She actually had pneumonia, but was so dehydrated that she had no fluid in her lungs.

My Mom’s Cat, Meggie. I Have Seriously Never Seen A Cat So Large! She Was Over 20 Pounds, And Every Time I Saw Her I Busted Out Laughing!

Day one we went to the hospital, and then back to my Mom’s house to sleep.  (Makes no sense to stay in an empty house when we’re there to see family.)  That night, Master and me had sex.  It was probably the dirtiest I’ve ever felt during sex..  I’d actually never had sex in my parents house before.  We had to be super quiet, and so there wasn’t much spanking or impacts, but Master always finds ways to give me the pain I need to go over.  Lately, he’s been enjoying breath play quite a bit (I won’t lie.  I love it too!) and he kept blocking off my air.  The first couple of times I was able to breathe through his hand a bit, so he doubled up on me and told me that he was going to have to try harder!  I love it when he gets that look in his eyes.  as he covered my mouth and nose hard, I felt my body begin to “spaz out”.  He rubbed my clit and I came unbelievably hard.  Oh.  Yeah.

Sarumom didn’t get out of the hospital until Thanksgiving morning.  So basically, the entire first couple days of the trip were spent driving back and fourth between the hospital and my Mom’s house.

We were able to cook dinner for my Mom and Dad a couple of times.  That was nice.  It felt good to be able to help them.  Since Mom has a heart condition, and Dad is still dealing with his aphasia they are both having a hard time getting things done.  Honestly, I’m really worried about my Dad.  His comprehension is way down from a year ago when we visited.  He only says the words “See” and “Wow” now, where he would use a couple of words before.  He says them in succession really fast.  “See see see?!” “Wow!  Wow!  Wow!”  That’s all he has in him.  It makes me sad.

He also eats some very strange things.  For example, he juices lemons, and cuts up apples into teeny tiny pieces.  Then, he’ll put the minced apples into the lemon juice and eat that with a spoon!  People tell me “Well, at least he’s eating healthy!”  I don’t know what planet you’re all from, but on my planet, you need different kinds of fruits and veggies, not just apples and lemons.  It makes me sad.  When Master or me cooked though, he would eat what we cooked.  I think it boils down to him not being able to cook, and Mom not being able to cook for him because of her cancer.

Master, Striking A Pose In The Turkey Hat Before He Carved The Turkey

Thanksgiving morning, Sarumom came home.  Master’s brother cooked her dinner and she ate it and basically went up to bed for the most part until the weekend rolled around.  Pneumonia wipes you out.  Master and me were in charge of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I made the squash the night before, and Master basically did everything else.  I would try to help him, but he really just wanted me out of the kitchen, I think.  I managed to help in other ways though.  I got the table set, but mostly I attended to Mom.  She wasn’t feeling well at all, and actually fell asleep for quite a while once I got up and dressed.  Things were going pretty well, and we were all pretty relaxed until my brother showed up.

I thought things would go well, but of course he just loves to be a problem.  He came in and gave everyone a hug.  He said he brought a turkey hat and wanted to get a picture of everyone wearing it.  Ok.  Sounded harmless.  Only took about two minutes for him to start screaming and yelling though.  Mainly at Mom.  Because she was sick.  Didn’t you hear?  The best way to help someone who is terribly sick is to yell at them.

“Why are you sick?!”

“What’s wrong with you?!”  Etc etc.  Yadda yadda.  Blah.

It was really pissing me off.  She thought she had some kind of migraine that was making her see little flecks in her vision, and my brother was screaming and yelling and telling her that she probably was having a stroke.  How to panick someone in one easy step, huh?  I tried to diffuse the situation, but it was just a mess.  I don’t know what makes a human being act like that, but what can you do?  Mom asked me for some apple cider, and miracle of miracles, it helped.  Low blood sugar anyone?

Master’s turkey ordeal in the kitchen was going poorly.  See, my Mom doesn’t use a meat thermometer.  I know, I don’t get it either.  Whenever we cook meat, we use a meat thermometer to figure out if the food is safe.  Mom really cooks her food until it is black though, so it is rarely an issue to her.  Master and me ran around to the only two stores that were open, and as luck would have it – no meat thermometer.  Boo.

We went back home, and everyone told him to just go by whether or not the juices of the turkey were running clear.  Not the best method, but whaddaya gonna do?  To top things off, my Mother decided to get a 21 pounds bird for (no joke) five people.  The night before, Master had calculated the pounds on the turkey to take a bit over seven hours to cook.  Sound good sound great?  That morning, as he opened up the turkey, the instructions on the package said to cook the damned thing for four hours.  We were all a bit shocked but Mom convinced Master to wait to put the turkey in.

Maybe I’m Crazy-Go-Nuts, But I Kinda Think I RAWKED The Turkey Hat

It came to be four hours later, and the turkey (of course) was not done.  Also of course, we had all the side dishes out on the table.  Joy.  Everything got covered and put back in the oven/on the stove, and we waited.  After the turkey got another hour, Master put my tofurkey in, and of course, my brother (who I should mention will be 40 soon) started being loud about how my tofurkey was making us wait to eat.  Actually, it was the 21 pound turkey if we need to be technical.  If the bird was a hair smaller my tofurkey would have fit in the oven with it.  Cough.  You’ve got to love how rude some people can be.  Anyway, after my tofurkey was done and they tried to carve the bird again it was obvious that the turkey still was not done.  Lesson learned.  Next time Master is sticking with his 20 minutes per pound theory.  He’s always done it that way, and there’s never been a problem.  So much for listening to the packaging.  Hrumph.  At that point though, everything else was done so we took the breast meat (which WAS done) off the turkey, covered the turkey with foil and put it back in the oven while we ate dinner.

Dinner was interesting.  Mom had put three of the vegetables in crock pots on the side of the table.  My brother spent the entire time we were all putting food on our plates pitching a fit that the food didn’t all fit on the table.  No one else seemed to have an issue.  We all got our food, sat down, and ate.  It was a tense and uncomfortable dinner I thought.  I just don’t understand how someone can behave that way, and ruin what could have been an otherwise decent day.  After dinner in order to get away from the yelling and screaming, Master and me packed up as quick as we could and headed over to Sarumom’s house.

Sarumom was in bed by the time we got there.  I felt so bad for her.  She was so excited to have us visit (she was the one who paid for the tickets, afer all!) and then she wound up sick as a dog.  Poor thing.  We brought her cream puffs and pie and she was happy.  She went to bed, and Master and me stayed up for a bit just watching TV and waiting for the day to be over.

The next day was pretty dull.  We mainly ran errands for Sarumom, and just relaxed a bit because we didn’t have to go anywhere.  I did chores for Sarumom, and we were honestly just relieved that we didn’t need to go anywhere or do anything.  It was nice.

Saturday was more of the same, but that night we had to scoot back to my Mom’s house because we had plans to go to the casino on Sunday.  Now, Master and me are really not gamblers at all.  If I went to Vegas, I’d probably put $10 in a slot machine just to say I gambled in Vegas.  I’m more about experiences than anything.  The casino is Mom’s favorite thing though, really.  She loves it.  Before she got sick, she would go once or twice a month.  I do wish she had a healthier outlet, but she’s organized about it, and she never plays more than she brought (I.E. her winnings).  She’s doesn’t over spend or anything, I just personally don’t get the rush she does from gambling, so I would rather do something else with my money.  Unless we’re talking about Bingo.  Oh shit I have a problem with Bingo.  I love that game.  Always cleaned up real good at the local Bingo games when I was a kid.  I have only played it as an adult less than a handfull of times.  Last year, we played Bingo at the casino with Mom.  That was fun.  Master even won $300.  Mom can’t go an entire day now though, so we couldn’t do Bingo.

We woke up early that day, and it turned out my Dad wanted to go too.  Mom told me that she thought that he would want to go only because we were going to eat lunch there, and I think I agree.  Dad was never big on gambling himself, but he did put his card in our slot machine so we could rake up some free slot play for him with our money.  We didn’t mind.  We’re good like that.  None of us won any money, but we had fun.  The important thing is that Mom had fun.  She hadn’t been since May!

Mom wanted to go to the buffet for lunch.  She’s huge on buffets.  Again, buffets are not really our thing (we like one or two around here, but we’re really picky!), but we wanted her to be happy so we went with a smile.  I will say that I am absolutely impressed with how well the waitress was with my father.  Seriously impressed.  She came over and asked what drink we would all like.  Master told her to wait one moment, because my Dad has aphasia, and it might take a minute.  She said “No problem!”  And whipped out a piece of paper and a pen!  She knew what it was and how to help!  My Dad is not very good with even writing things anymore, but he picked up the pen, and managed to scrawl “lemon”!  The woman came back with lemonade for him.  He was happy.  It is seriously the little things that just brighten my day.  It is absolutely wonderful to know that Dad is taken care of when he goes with Mom to the casino.

After a bit more gambling, we left for Mom’s house again.  Master opted to clean their fridges (they were absolutely gross looking!).  I had wanted to do it, but Master volunteered because I think he didn’t want to get stuck keeping my Mom company, which was basically watching TV with her.  Gameshows make him crazy (I don’t mind them, though).  He made their refridgerators spotless, and I was quite impressed as was everyone.  They smelled like Pine Sol instead of whatever the Hell was stuck to the walls.  Ew.

My Handsome Master, On The Beach

The next morning we had to bring my Mom to her chemotherapy.  Ok, I should rephrase that.  We wanted to bring Mom to her chemo.  She kept telling us not to bother because it was “boring.”  I know it’s boring, but it was really important to me to show my support to her since we could not be there for her up until then.  She agreed, and we went.  We had to be up really early, and we showed up at 8AM.

Chemo wasn’t exactly what I expected.  The place she goes is lovely looking.  Big, comfy chairs that recline, soft, handmade afghans, snacks, coffee, everything she’d need.  It was a lot less “sterile” looking than I’d imagined.  I was glad that she wasn’t in a gross hospital room with white walls and thin sheets.  Chemo also takes a long, long time.  She was usually there for six to seven hours.  They gave her a saline drip, and then several bags in order (one at a time) of chemo drugs.  It’s tedious for sure.  Then, of course, they send you home to be sick.  Poor Mom gets so sick after her chemo treatments.  The nurses are excellent and super nice to her, and again, I felt happy that she was well taken care of.

We chatted with the other patients, and the time really did fly pretty quickly by.  Everyone was so nice, and no one seemed sad or like they were giving up.  There was such an aura of positivity in the room, and of “we can beat this”!  It was a very, very good experience.  It’s just nice to know that Mom is surrounded by love and care when Master and me are nowhere near close by.  Not that we can help it.

As we headed to the car, Mom said she was feeling good.  We got to the car, and I noticed that her hand was bleeding from where they put the IV in.  It looked like she needed another band-aid or something.  I suggested we go back upstairs for one, and Mom declined.  A half a second later, her whole hand was swelling up with blood!  She agreed quickly, and up we went, with me putting as much pressure on the wound as I could.  Unfortunately I was rushing Mom a bit too quickly out of panick, and her heart started bothering her.  Bad daughter.  We got up there, and the nurses helped out right away, and told me that I should look away next time if blood makes me squeemish.  I had to laugh.  No, blood doesn’t make me squeemish, but I was terrified she wouldn’t stop bleeding or something.  I went into panic mode.  I know that sounds silly, but when it’s your Mom, and you have no clue what’s going on, sometimes you just panic.  Or maybe that’s just me.

We went back to my Mom’s, packed up our things, and headed to Sarumom’s house.  She was getting out of bed and moving around a little, though she wasn’t supposed to.  Moms.  Can’t live with ’em, and you can’t live…  You get the idea.  The following day we just stayed at Sarumom’s, and didn’t have anywhere to be.  We mostly cleaned the house and took care of Sarumom the best we could.  It wasn’t hard.  She barely eats and was hardly awake.  We were pretty grateful for the alone time, honestly.

The last day we were scheduled to be there, Tuesday, was super busy!  We ran a ton of errands for Sarumom, all around town.  Birdseed, medicine, food, etc.  We were kind of tired when we got back, but, good daughter in law that I am, I made her a banana bread with her super ripe bananas, while Master made lunch.  Then, she got something up her butt about wanting me to have a Hello Kitty coloring book for the plane.  It was just funny.  She gave Master money and insisted he go to Walgreens so that I could have this coloring book for the trip home!  Ha!  I couldn’t help but giggle.  While he was there, if he could also pick up some Starburts, that would be great, she told him.  Master knew why he was going to the store.  He had to laugh.  So did I.  But Hell, I got a Christmas Hello Kitty coloring book out of the deal.  Ha!

We watched movies with Sarumom and didn’t do a ton for the rest of the day.  We were getting ready to go out to dinner, when Master decided to check in online for our flight.  Wouldn’t you know it, they had made a change to our departure time, and we needed to be there two and a half hours earlier!  We all panicked.  Sarumom insisted there was still time for Master to go down and pick up dinner, and for us to eat it before we left.  Master was not pleased.  He likes being at the airport two hours before take off, just in case they change the flight or anything.  Well, Sarumom was right, and after we ate dinner and got to the airport there was over an hour until take off.  With no-cheese pizza in my belly, and a steak sandwhich in Master’s, we boarded the plane.  On the one hand, we were sad to be taking off  early (we had to rush around), but on the other, it was good to be able to get home sooner than we had planned.  I missed Serenade dearly, and just wanted to sleep in Master’s bed for a change.

We didn’t get home until after 11PM, and we were exhausted.  Still, it was absolutely wonderful to see our babies.  Serenade in particular was all over us, happy that we were home.  Master said she was probably worried we were leaving her.  NEVER!  Still, since she’d only been with us for about a month and had lived most of her life in the shelter, it made sense.  I was just so happy she wasn’t mad at us.

And here we are, back where we should be. <3  Being home has been wonderful, but honestly, after settling in for a couple of days we’re both a bit underwhelmed with the state of the apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, we both put in quite a bit of work before we left, but there is so much organizing and unpacking left to do still.  That’s our number one priority for now.  We really would love to be settled into the apartment by xmas.  Hopefully we can manage that.

I don’t want to make a separate post about this, so I’m going to add this in here.  Unfortunately, the other day while Master was driving in to work, he got in a minor car accident.  He is fine, thank goodness.  But, Bettie isn’t doing so great.  She’s not currently drivable, and honestly, we don’t know how long she will be in the shop for.  Hopefully less than two weeks.  The day of the accident, Master was driving to work, carefully, when the car spun off the road and he hit a guard rail.  It was snowy and icy, but the roads were OK except for that one patch, it seems.  The rod that connects to the tires in front was bent, and the car would not turn left.  (Yes, just like Zoolander).  There were some other problems with the car, and they won’t know the total damage done until after they fix that bar.  We’re both completely bummed.  I’m relieved that Master is OK, but at the same time, we have a huge deductable so most of this isn’t covered under insurance, and the rental car is not covered at all.  Right before the holidays, too.  I’m OK with not receiving presents myself, but I’m bummed because I had some things I was planning to buy for Master.  Oh well.  His birthday is in five months.  I’ll have to make it up to him then.

The main thing is that everyone’s OK, but still – this is definitely not putting any spring in our steps.

I Didn’t Write About Our Trip To The Beach, Because I Honestly Don’t Remember Chronologically When It Happened.

6 thoughts on “We’re Back From Our Trip

  1. i’m really glad you’re home and so happy you got to spend time with your mom, i know how much you needed to see her! The time with family is precious and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    It’s just amazing to me, when i spend time with my blood relatives, how i can become almost desperate to be alone with the One who has become my true family. The One who makes me feel protected and lets me know that everything will be okay. Just being with Him puts me in my place when i’ve been in a world where everything was just completely chaotic. i’m so sorry about your brother, yeah i don’t even get it. =/

    i know whenever i leave Master or we don’t get our alone time it becomes so very evident where home is now. Listening to you describe coming home with your Master, i completely understood that sigh of relief. Now, to get the apartment in order! =)

    Thinking of you, as always! *big hugs*

    His treasure

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