Babelube Silicone, My New Go-To Silicone Lube!

Silicone lube is quickly becoming the only type of lube that I want to use anymore.  I am a pretty juicy lady in general, so lube isn’t something we wind up needing much of, unless we’re doing anal play.    It is slippery, rarely dries out, and is useful for more than just sex and masturbation.  I’ve truthfully only ever tried one other brand of silicone lubricant, and I had excellent results with it.  I do prefer Babeland‘s version of silicone lube though, for many reasons.

For starters, the other brand of silicone lube I am comparing Babeland’s brand to is Wet Platinum.  It’s a wonderful lube, but I think that I’ll only be using it when I’m out of Babelube Silicone.

The lube arrived quickly and in a discreet brown box with no indication of the contents.  The bottle itself is tall and thin, and contains 3.4 ounces, which should last you a good long while.  The ingredients are:  Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, and Dimethiconol.

The first thing I did when I got it was to unscrew the lid, and put a dollop on my fingers.  It felt really nice and slippery – but absorbed into my fingers after a while, unlike Wet Platinum, which never ever absorbed in.  I was a bit shocked since silicone lubes weren’t supposed to dry up.  I will say that it took a long time to get to that point though, and when used on my juicy cunt it never dries up because my own fluids mix in and take over.  I have never needed to reapply with anal activities either.

Babelube Silicone

If this lube had one flaw, I would say it is in the packaging.  The tall, thin bottle looks cool, but isn’t as functional as you’d think.  If you tend to have sex or play with a hard surface nearby, you won’t mind the bottle as much as me.  We usually play on the floor though, and we have to set the lube bottle down on carpet or a Liberator Throe, neither of which will allow the bottle to stand upright.  Because of its slippery nature, the lube will slide right out and spill everywhere if you’re not careful.  Therefore, we always recap the bottle between uses.  It’s a little inconvenient, but worth it for the wonderful longevity this stuff has.

The texture itself is difficult to describe if you have never used silicone lubes before.  Silicone lube is very fluid, very slippery, and feels just wonderful!  A couple of drops really is all you need, so your bottle will last you a long time.  All silicone lubes do have a couple downsides that you need to be aware of though.

1- They are incompatible with silicone toys.  (Unless you cover the silicone toy completely in a condom first.  Being certain that the condom is unlubricated since most lubricated condoms have silicone lubes on them already.)

2- They do not wash off with just water.  This is both a plus, and a minus.  The plus is that you can take this into the hot tub, pool, shower, bath, or anywhere wet and it will not wash off like other water-based lubes will.  The minus is that you must use soap and water to wash it off, plain water won’t do the trick.

Bottle Opening

The opening to get lube out is different than any bottle opening I’ve seen on lube thus far.  As you can see from the picture, there’s just a hole in the bottle.  The lube is very thin so just tipping it upside down should be easy enough to get the lube out.  You won’t need to squeeze or use a pump like other lubes.

The lube has no taste, but a very light flowery sort of scent.

I really love this lube.  It is my new favorite silicone lube, and if you’re curious about silicone lubes, I highly recommend this one.  I’m giving it 5 paws.Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this lube in exchange for an honest and fair review!

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