Gagged And Left To Myself

Ball Gagged

It’s not really that late here, but it is dark here.  Master got home a little while ago, and he had a headache.  We decided to order food for dinner, and after we ate, I started in on the dishes.  As I was doing the dishes Master decided that he wanted me to have a ball gag in.  I actually really, really love being gagged.  It is relaxing and nice and one of my biggest kinks.  I have been gagged while playing video games or coloring in my coloring book before, but I’m not usually gagged when I’m doing chores.  This is allowing me some interesting introspective time.

As I write this, Master is laying down in bed, because of his headache.  (Poor thing)!  I don’t know how long I’ll be gagged, but I don’t really mind.  It is still very early on in our night though, and I am honestly..  A bit bored.  The dishes are done (well, the next load is soaking while the load that is in the washer is drying), the laundry done, the bathrooms cleaned..  The only thing that needs doing right now is unpacking, and honestly, that isn’t going to happen overnight.

Immediately once I was gagged tonight, I felt a bit at a loss.  I wanted to tell Master all about my day like I usually do, but I didn’t get the chance to do it while we were eating dinner.  Also, I tweaked my neck in my sleep last night, and I feel like an ibuprofen might not be a bad idea.  But, neither of those things were possible, as I’d been gagged.  It was one of those moments where I reminded myself to just accept what was happening, and push my current thoughts from my mind.  My neck isn’t that bad.  My day can wait.  Right now it is time to just savor what I’ve been given: the opportunity to wear this gag for Master, to please him.

The gag is a good thing for me for a lot of reasons.  For one, it makes me think about my breathing.  We don’t have many “small” gags, and the smaller ones we do have we don’t use often anyway.  The one I am wearing tonight has a two inch diameter, and my biggest has a whopping three inch diameter.  They are uncomfortable.  I enjoy this discomfort, but I think that sometimes the most uncomfortable part of wearing them is the fact that I have to be alone with my thoughts.  When I’m in sub-space, or when we play, I don’t have many thoughts to be alone with.  Right now I am quite conscious though, and thoughts are running rampant.  Life has been very stressful lately.

While we have one or two gags which lock, we never lock them, and the one I am wearing now does not lock either (I think).  My hands are free, and I could obviously reach up and take the gag off if I wanted to.  (How else would I be typing this)?  Still, I won’t.  I won’t do that because I enjoy the gag, because I have self-control, and because I revel in the submission I am giving to Master.  He deserves my very best.  To be at my best I need no more than his kind words and actions guiding me towards what he wants.

I don’t know how long this will be on tonight, but I’m sure my jaw will ache in the morning.  Not because my jaw is being forced open too much (like with my 3″ gag), but more because I am a “clamper”.  I can never seem to help it, but when I have a ball gag in, I find it nigh on impossible to relax my jaw.  I clamp down hard.  Even having a gag in for a mere ten or fifteen minutes will give me an ache the next day, but the longer the gag is in, the longer and more severe the ache will be.

I can hear Master getting up.  (AFF) The gag has already been in for over one hour.  We’ll see how much longer I’ll be gifted the opportunity to wear it.

*     *     *     *     *

Last night, I wore the gag for about ninety minutes.  After I stopped blogging, I crawled over to Master, where he was sitting in a chair.  He pulled me into his lap, and we snuggled and played a little bit with my piggies.  He whispered to me, and kissed me, and fondled my breasts.  He had me take off my bra and panties, and he fucked me with my nightie still on.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterwards, he sat me back in his lap again and took off my gag so I could have something to drink.

He told me he was very proud of me. <3  That was all I needed to hear.  Moments like that are exactly what I live for.  I am lucky to be able to please Master Pravus so much.

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