Dungeon Is Up!

I’m all excited.  It has taken us some time, but the dungeon is all set up.  Well..  Mostly.  We still need to go to the hardware store and get some screws to nail the rig back into the ceiling.  Woo.  Soon enough.  In the meantime, the layout is all set up.  I just have a couple more toys to squeeze into the room somehow.  (We may wind up getting another toy rack soon).

Care to take a tour? =^^=

Immediately To Your Right As You Walk In

Directly to your right as you walk in is my little “work” station.  There’s my futon, lingerie rack, computer (with web cam), and Serenade’s sleeping box.  There’s also my little lap top which I use to work on blog posts in between cam shows. I love it!

Back Right Corner

The back right corner has the toy rack (Which has at least two or three boxes more worth of toys that we need to somehow put in it.  See why we may need a second soon?), the heavy duty lights that we use for my caming and for taking pictures, and the opening to Serenade’s little sleeper box.  It’s just her pet carrier, really, but she loves to nap in it.  I have a special stuffed animal in there for her, and a pillow.

Back Left Corner

In the back left corner is Serenade’s cat tree.  Truthfully, Sabrina could use it too, but Sabrina has zero interest in it.  There’s the massage table, a couple of pillow and some sex furniture and hardware underneath the table.  We can pull them out as we need to.

An.. Um.. Pantry?

There’s an..  Um.. Pantry in the dungeon.  Yes, yes there is.  Turns out, there was no pantry put into the kitchen and until we buy some sort of stand-alone pantry, we’re using the linen closet for food.  Strange yep, but it works for now.

Woo!  We’ve been here a month and now the most important room is set up and ready to go.  Win!

3 thoughts on “Dungeon Is Up!

  1. I love that your kitten’s bed is right by you. My dog has her place in every room I spend time in. She has her bed in my office, her crate in my bedroom and a blanket in the living room.

    She’s my baby! I thought it was totally cute that you did the same.

    Whenever any of my animals hear a vibrator turn on they peace out, which is funny, because I’ve conditioned them over the years to not freaking watch me masturbate (I have two cats and a dog).

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