Like A Second Skin

As I delve more and more into the wonderful world of wet look, I find myself noticing more and more pieces in this style.  I decided to try out the Wet Look Tank Top  because it seemed like a simple and yet sexy piece that I could pair with different items to get a great look.  I have to say, my tummy isn’t my best feature in my opinion, and I was a bit worried that it would look a bit frumpy in this top.  I had to try it on, and I was so excited to see that this was not the case!

Wet Look Tank Top

As you can see in my picture, I found the top to be incredibly flattering, and smokin’ hot!  When I wear it, it makes me feel so sexy and not a bit self-conscious.  My stats are: 34 D chest, 33 waist, and a 40 hip.  I don’t think you’ll have to worry much about the hip though.  This is a halter-style top, and it is not intended to come down very far.  I’m short at only 5’2″, so it just covers my belly button, but doesn’t go any further than that.  A taller person may not have the tank go down even that far.  The size I went with was a large.

Coquette has really done a great job with this top, but unfortunately it is only available in sizes S,M, and L.  Plus sized girls will not fit.  Hopefully Coquette will think about making this in more varied sizes in the future.  The top itself is incredibly simple, both the front and back look the same.  There are no zippers or anything to take this on and off.  The lycra/spandex blend is very stretchy and you can get it on easily just throwing it over your head.

Oh, Right. The Cleavage

The top measures as follows, flat:

Length: 12 3/4″ from center of bust to bottom of hem.

Bust: 15″

Bottom of hem (where it should sit near your waist): 16″

I can stretch each of these measurements easily four inches, but that is maxing out the garment, and might be uncomfortable.  I think that if your measurements are larger than 38″ anywhere that this top will touch, then you’re better off leaving this behind.

The instructions on the tag say to hand wash this only, and hang it up to dry.  I never listen to that though, and I always use a lingerie bag for my delicates.  I had no problems washing this in a lingerie bag.  I do not recommend putting this in the dryer though.  I don’t think it would survive.

Depending on how brave you are, this tank top would look amazing out at the club or at a play party.  It is completely opaque, so you won’t show more than need be.  It also makes an incredible top to put underneath a corset.  It is very skin tight and shiny, but it doesn’t stick to your corset like vinyl would.  I have yet to wear it out of the house this way, but you definitely could.

Master Pravus and me are incredibly pleased with this piece from Coquette, and we heartily give it 5 paws.

You can use the code G5U at checkout to get 15% off of any purchase you make at!

This top was not given to me in exchange for review.  It is a piece from my personal collection that I chose to share with you all.

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