Red Leopard Wow-Mise

The (AFF) Red Leopard Chemise by Coquette caught my eye immediately.  Master calls me his “Red Vinyl Kitty”, so anything red leopard is difficult for me to pass up. The chemise comes in S, M, L, so unfortunately this is another one that plus sized figures won’t be able to enjoy.  The size I got was a large, and it  fit me great!  Master loves this one, and I can even wear this in my video chat room, which is wonderful.

To give you an idea of my measurements, I am 5’2″, and I weigh about 145 pounds.  My bust is a 34D, my waist is 33″, and my hips measure 40″.  According to the size chart, the large should fit a C cup, a 36-38 bust, 30-32″ waist, and a 40-42″ hip.  It fits me really well.

Since my bust is a D cup, I was a bit nervous ordering this.  I have read in other reviews that it fits smaller breasts better than larger ones, and I was already a cup size bigger than the size chart.  The first time I wore this, it felt a smidgeon tight in the bust area.  Not enough for me to not want to wear it, but enough that I figured I was going to be slightly uncomfortable whenever I wore this, as I didn’t feel there was enough support. 

After one or two washings though, I feel a lot more comfortable in this top.  The fabric itself seems to relax a bit and my bust feels more supported than it did.  I absolutely do not think that anything over a D cup will fit, and that D cup must be a maximum of 38″ at its fullest, but D cups should work.  I think that a C cup will also feel at home in this top.  Smaller than C cups may not fill out the top properly and it might be uncomfortable or strange looking.

Red Leopard Chemise

The chemise itself is incredibly form fitting and clings to your every curve.  If you are comfortable showing off your curves, you’ll love this little number.  If you’re more self-conscious, you may opt for a more “loose and flowy” style.  I’m only 5’2″, and I find that this chemise goes about mid-thigh on me.  If you’re taller it may not go that far.  I’m also pretty curvy though, so if your measurements are smaller than mine, it may still cover you pretty well.

The chemise is very stretchy, and is made from lycra and lined on the bottom in lace.  The lace stretches, as does the lycra, but be gentle with the lace as it is thin and may tear with too much pulling.  Mine has yet to tear, but when I put this on over my head and  pull down on the lace, it always feels a bit delicate to me.

My waist and hip fit this garment fine, but I don’t think I’d put anyone larger than me in it.  While the size chart says up to 42″, I’d say it would be best on 38-40″.  Technically, the waist should only stretch to 32″, but I find that my extra inch fits just fine.  This is a great piece to wear around the house, and if you are comfortable sleeping in something that has boning, you could definitely wear this to bed.  The cups are padded and give you a bit of support and lift.  The straps are also adjustable to your liking.

Red Leopard Chemise

This is a really comfortable and flattering piece to add to your collection, and Master Pravus and me both really love it.  It shows off my breasts really well, and makes me feel really sexy!  I don’t feel self conscious wearing it, but I also love each and every one of my curves and am happy to show them off.  I would definitely feel comfortable wearing this out to a club or a fetish event, and I just might do that in the future with a pair of killer heels and some fishnet tights. 

The garment is opaque, and the only thing which is a bit of an issue is that it does show panty lines and also any pattern at all if you’re wearing patterned tights (fishnet, pothole, whatever).  While this doesn’t bother me too much, I would just wear undies that were not overly lacey or bulky if I was wearing this out of the house.

To wash this, the tag recommends hand washing.  This went through the wash cycle on delicate in a lingerie bag for me just fine though.  I hung it up to dry as I do all my lingerie.  I don’t recommend the dryer for either the lycra material or the boning in the cups.

Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous piece, and I’m giving it 5 paws.

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