Re-Creating Restraints

New Restraints Set Up

Master is really good at noticing when I am tired, or need a break.  The other day, after doing my workout, showering, the laundry, the dishes, cat litter, and working on unpacking, I was getting a bit tired.  There was less than an hour until bed time, so Master decided to put me in the pajamas, and then the leather chair with my coloring book and plushies.  I was pretty greatful, and tired, and a tad bit guilty – because I felt like I still had plenty I should be doing.

In the past, we had a rope set up with a clip to attach to my collar, so that I could be clipped either in front of the chair, to the side of the chair, or in the chair, as Master pleased.  Typically, if I feel guilty because I think I should be up doing something else, being clipped into or beside the chair will make me feel less guilty.  After all, if Master is clipping me into place, surely I belong there.

As hard as this is to believe (for me, anyway.  Not for anyone else, I’m guessing), we still have yet to completely unpack the dungeon.  There are so many toys and restraints, etc, and we have not gotten them all set up yet.  Of course, that wasn’t going to stop Master.  He tried several rope and restraint sets until he found one long enough to use with the chair.  Then, he tied both ends to my collar.  I really like this whole double-ended rope a lot.  It allows for a lot less movement than the other set up we had, with only one attachment to my collar.  Yet, I can still color or read, or play video games.

Or, Mew.


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