What Were YOU Doing On Xmas Eve?

I know what we were doing.

Mrs. Claus Is In Quite The Predicament

“I have to pee.”

“So go pee.”

“Can I have a mason jar?”

::Laugh::  “No.”

I crawled off the massage table, very ungracefully, and began inching my way towards the bathroom.  All this time I have some heavy duty wrist cuffs, a spreader bar, and ankle cuffs on.  Master was generous and took my blindfold off before we started.  The spreader bar is the hard part.  I’ve crawled or hopped or found my way around the house in tight-fitting ankle cuffs before (close together, I mean) with nary a problem.  I am quite a flexible and creative slave, just ask Master.

The really hard part of this whole thing was probably my feet.  We don’t usually keep socks on when we play, but as I was already in a super xmas-y outfit, Master clipped some restraints on over them.  They made for lots of sliding and slipping, and not a lot of “grip”.  (Note to self: buy xmas socks with gripper dots on bottom for next year.)

I made it past the massage table, and past the sock dresser, which was no easy feat.  The dresser doesn’t give you a lot of room to maneuver when your feet are pread about two and a half feet apart.  I get into the bathroom, and realize that I’m at the hard part.  I have to lower myself onto the toilet, and the bathroom in the dungeon is really, really small.

“EE!  AA!  ::slipping noises::”

“Do you need help, Kitty?”

“No way, Master!  I’m a professional!”

::The sound of Master giggling::

Me: “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?  This is getting you off isn’t it?” [Teasing sarcasm]

“Yes.” [Evil grin]

I finished up and figured out how to scoot myself out of the bathroom and over to the massage table.

“Now,” says Master “Go ahead and climb back up.”

I looked at him, wondering if he was serious or not.  It’s a Hell of a lot easier to crawl down from a table with your legs spread wide than it is to climb back up.  I hopped backwards a couple of times, and then made one giant leap onto the table.  Not the best thing for the table, but I had no other clue how to go about things.  Once I got up there, Master grabbed my spreader bar, and angled me this way and that until I was back in the position I was in before this whole shenanigan.

And, that’s what our xmas eve was like.  Partly.  I hope yours was half as fun.


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