Xmas Eve And XMas Day

Apple Pig With Apple Cider

Xmas day and Xmas Eve were wonderful for Master and me.  I won’t lie, we both really love being together, alone, than with anyone else for Xmas.  It’s just nice to make our own traditions, and have a peaceful, quiet place to enjoy whatever we want to enjoy.  One word to the wise, this will be a ridiculously picture-heavy post.

Serenade’s First Xmas

Master was able to get out of work early the Friday before Xmas Eve, as his company was in a generous mood.  It was awesome having him home for a long weekend.  <3  He was super bouncy all day on Friday, in rare “perky” form, and soo ready to share our first Xmas together in the new place.  I was excited too, but no one gets rambunctious like Master.  I swear.  We ran out to the store to pick up toilet paper.  It would figure that would be the one thing that we needed, and couldn’t wait..  And then we settled in for the night.

Tea Party

The next day I was up early as usual.  Master likes to stay up really late on the weekends, usually playing video games.  I am not supposed to wake him up until 10AM, but he infected me with his excitement the night before, and I was eager to see him.  I couldn’t help myself, and I crawled into the bedroom at 9:50…  Ten minutes early.  I started licking Master’s face, and to make myself look just a tiny bit on the innocent side, I had let Serenade in there with me, so that she would start pouncing Master and trying to eat his toes.  I know better than to pounce his toes.  Well, unless they are wiggling.  But, I’m allowed to pounce wiggling toes.

Master woke up and got out of bed.  I mewed about how Santa was coming that night, and how I was sure I’d stay up this year.  Master took a shower, and I got the NORAD santa tracker up on my small lap top.  We had to go out again, because Master wanted fresh bread for Xmas Eve, and that’s not really something you can buy ahead of time.  The store was busy, but it wasn’t crazy, or over run.  (Xmas Eve is notorious for being pretty slow anyway).  Santa was there!  And, I even got a cookie.  Woo.  We went home, and were both excited, because neither of us had anywhere to be until Tuesday.  As fun as going out places can be, it is always just really nice to be at home with no where to go for a couple of days.

Xmas Eve was a sort of long day.  I’m not sure what was going on, but, after we got home Master was cranky.  Then, I sort of “caught” his crankiness, and I was cranky.  Then, Master was cranky again, and then we both made a concerted effort to be less cranky.  I have no idea what was going on with either of us, but it was goood to say good bye to the grump-a-lumps.

I turned my back at one point, and Master had set up a cute little tea party for the pigs, and Zeebee, our newest plushie.  (Thanks again, LostMaverick!) And even Serenade joined in.  So cute.  Most of Xmas Eve was us playing (see previous post), or playing video games, or staring at NORAD.  As luck would have it, Santa did show up before long though, and it was great to see him!

Apple Pig’s Stocking!

By that point, I was in a button down shirt, and that’s about it.  It was late and I had teh sleepies.  I was shocked that I made it up until that hour, to be honest with you.  Santa wound up arriving around 11:30PM, just before midnight!  Applepig was actually the only plush to have anything in his stocking this year.  Nothing in there for the kitties either, because unfortunately the pressies we bought for the kitties didn’t wind up fitting.  Figures.

We got some wet food for the cats, we always buy them wet food for the holidays or their birthday.  Master Pravus opened his stocking, and there wasn’t a lot in it this year.  We had a light Xmas as far as pressies go.  He got an octopus back massager, which he seems to like a shitfuckle, and some ninja socks.  Socks are tradition.  Master Pravus always gets cool ones for Xmas. I got a pig spatula, some candy, and Hello Kitty hand wipes. Then, we opened the big presents!

Coal, Pitch, And Tar

I got spoiled, and here I didn’t think I was getting anything.  We both got a joint present from a friend, of some caramel apple jam, and some cute monster stickers.  (Thanks F!)  I got three mice!  I collect these little IKEA rats.  I was a bit worried, because the package said “Merry Christmas from Coal, Pitch, and Tar”, and I knew that I was good all year, and didn’t deserve any coal for sure!  Hee hee.  This makes a total of eight or nine mice.

Master And His New Fleshlight Vibro

Master Pravus’ big present this year was a (AFF) Fleshlight Vibro.  I’ve wanted to find him a sex toy he’d enjoy for a long while now, and this was my last hope.  We have tried all sorts of male sex toys, but very few could really “get him there”.  The most expensive toy I’d gotten him up till now was the Tenga Flip Hole, because I heard it was easier to clean than a Fleshlight.  That may be true, but the damned thing doesn’t even stay shut around his ridiculously girthy cock.  Anyway, we were both really excited because after trying out the Fleshlight Vibro, he managed to cum.  Of course he tells me it is nothing like me (lol!!), but at least he has the option now.

We don’t seem to have any pictures of me with my big present, but I got Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.  I have the first Lego Harry Potter, and I love them both!  It’s awesome, and with such fun play through.  Happy Kitty.

Serenade was given a collar!  I picked out one that I thought would be so pretty with her fur, and she hated it, of course.  She mewed and scratched at it, and hated the little bell on it.  I had to take it off her, but, truth be told she needs to grow into it a little bit more anyway.  I’ll just store it in my jewelry box until she gets more “mature.”  ::cough::

Serenade In Her Collar

The kitties also got a joint present, which was a little piece of a “kitty town”.  You can basically buy different pieces for it, and they all fit together.  The one we got them had a place to sleep, but also a scratching post, and a few little dangly bits for the kitties to play with.  Unfortunately, Serenade is mean and doesn’t let Sabrina near it.  ::Sigh::

Xmas day was pretty fun.  I wasn’t feeling very well, so I honestly wound up in bed for a lot of the day.  I think the fact that I was up until 1AM or so the night before got to me.  That, coupled with the fact that I had to take some allergy medicine pretty much zonked me out.  See?  This is why a bedtime is good for a kitty.

Present Opening Aftermath


Our tree is still up, and it won’t go away until New Year’s Day.  We leave it up like that every year.  This New Year’s Eve we’re planning on staying in, fucking to pass the time, and ordering pizza.  Sounds perfect to me.  I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Xmas Eve And XMas Day

  1. Your Christmas sounds pretty perfect to me and the tea party looks elegantly planned! (Serenade needs to work on her table manners, if i do say so!) i’m a bit shocked Apple Pig didn’t throw a fit! hahahaha!

    We got our kitty that same exact collar a few years ago, she’s still *ahem* growing *nods* into it. i think it’s hanging in the coat closet as we speak.

    i wanted to check NORAD tracking but Master said i wasn’t allowed to let Kerpy look at the computer. He’s a tough one to keep away from anything so i logged off!

    i’m happy you had a good Christmas, sounds very fun and so hilariously similar to ours!


    1. Hey Treasure! ::HUGS:: Aww, too bad your kitty doesn’t fit the collar either. I didn’t realize what a tiny neck Serenade had, I guess. lol.

      I hope Kerpy was good for Xmas, well.. Better than Apple Pig anyway! Kerpy always sounds like a handfull. 🙂

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