“Do a post about our new kitty.”

“Yes Master.”

Serenade In Repose

Serenade has been with Master and me for a little bit over two months, and we love her to death.  She’s cute, and fun, and has plenty of foibles, but those are all part of her charm.  When we got her, she was not even bigger than Master’s shoe, but she’s about doubled in size now.  It’s amazing how quickly little kittens grow.  Actually, I hadn’t even realized how big she was getting until we got back from our Thanksgiving visit to our family.  It was great to see her, and while she’s gotten a little bit bigger since then, her growth has definitely slowed.

Her tail is huge!  Super huge and fluffy!  Master says that means she’ll probably be a very big kitty.  I hope so.  She certainly isn’t holding back at the food dish, anyway.  Her toes are super fuzzy and cute.  I’ve never seen a cat or kitten with so much fluff between their toes.  Adorable.  She’s accustomed to us touching her paws now, and lets us clip her nails for the most part.  Sometimes she’s too excited to sit still, but 99% of the time she’s a good girl.  She even lets us clip her nails when she’s napping.  Hee hee.  doesn’t wake up or anything.

Her training is coming along well.  Lots of people say you can’t train a cat, but they’re wrong.  You just have to be persistent like with any animal, and they will learn the right behaviour.  It also helps to start young.  When we first got Serenade, she was always walking on my keyboard.  This was definitely a problem if I wanted to blog ever, I had to work really hard to train her out of it.  She now never walks on my keyboard, even if it is right in front of her face.  Good kitty.

She bites.  A lot.  I know she is teething, and may teethe up to six months old, but I hope she gets through this little phase of hers quickly.  I know her gums hurt and she can’t help it, but it’s not fun.  Her little teeth are like needles, and I can’t wait for her to lose them and grow her “big girl” teeth.  She has lots and lots of little toys and things, but she prefers to bite on Mommy and Daddy.  That’s how it works, isn’t it?  Oh, kittens.

She’s tearing my little kitty toys to shreds.  Truth be told, I was having a hard time with her in the beginning, because it is hard to keep my favorite kitty toys from her.  My little blue mouse, and my squeaky kitty with the crinkly ears have been demolished.  It’s a sad thing.  I’ve just never ever been a really good sharer when it comes to my kitty toys.  Vibrators are fine though.  Heh.

She’s absolutely adorable.  She likes to lay around with her belly up in the air while she naps.  She twitches in her sleep.  She finds absolutely everything around her to be fun and exciting.

She naps during the day.  A LOT of napping.  This is really the only time she wants to be in my lap.  Aside from that, she’s jumping around the house like a little kangaroo terrorizing her sister.  Cute, but disastrous.

She really hates being apart from us.  If for some reason we have to lock her in the other room (when we go out, are having sex, etc) she will stick her paws underneath the door and mewl until we let her out.  Then, she’ll crawl in our laps and give us kisses before jumping back out and ignoring us for several hours.

She thinks it is really, really funny to run up to you and bite your ankle when you’re in the middle of a workout.

She’s mean to Sabrina.  Oh, not terribly mean, and not really purposefully.  She just wants to play.  Sabrina is old and curmudgeony and does not want to play.  Therefore, Serenade will rabbit-pounce Sabrina’s tail, and Sabrina will hiss and bat Serenade away.  I think it is Serenade’s favorite game.

She likes to bite toes.  I do not have any clue where she got that from.  ::whistles innocently, and looks away::

Mostly, she’s just adorable and we’re incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and hearts.

Serenade And Biggle Piggle

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