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I’ve mentioned before, that I’ve been on the quest for a while for what would be my ultimate blindfold.  Truth be told, I already have a “perfect blindfold”, but as we’ve been using it for about eight years now, it’s starting to fall apart.  I have yet to find another one like it, and every blindfold I’ve tried in the last couple of years have each had their good points and bad, but none of them have been “the one”.  Until now, anyway.  While I won’t tell you that the Pony Blinders  are without fault, I will tell you that those faults are very few.

Pony Blinders

The blinders arrived simply, packaged with only a tag (pictured) and a plastic baggie (not pictured).  I do not recommend using the plastic baggie for storage because leather needs to breathe.  However, it works just fine for shipping.  As usual, don’t worry about the box this arrives in.  Babeland ships in a plain brown box with no indication on the outside as to what is inside.

The blindfold is simply designed, and made from mainly leather.  The outside is a smooth, semi-flexible leather.  There is an elastic strap that goes around the back and adjusts from 8″ to 16″.  While the blindfold does not lock on, you could always make sure your partner’s hands are bound so they can’t take it off.A View From The BackThe inside of the blindfold is lined with a soft fleece material.  Unlike many blindfolds which are lined with a fleece material, you don’t have to worry about anything actually touching your eyes, though.  The convex design of the eye pieces mean that if you are wearing contact lenses, or like to blink a lot, you won’t be hampered by the blindfold.

I’m one of those people who blinks almost constantly while I am wearing a blindfold.  I’m not entirely sure why.  When I’m scared and I open my eyes, it adds to the intensity of the scene that even with open eyes I cannot see anything.  With a normal blindfold, while I may blink, I can’t ever fully open my eyes.

Another wonderful thing about the shape of these is that they truly do block out light.  Entirely.  When I am wearing these I absolutely cannot cheat or look through the sides of the blindfold.  It really shouldn’t be surprising, but it does surprise me to finally find a blindfold that does what it is supposed to do – superbly.

Inside One Of The Eye Cups

The only problem we encounter with this blindfold at all is that if you’re laying face down, the blindfold gets a bit uncomfortable.  I can wear it like this, but it does poke into my cheeks, and can even be slightly dislodged allowing light to come through.  I have yet to find a way to remedy this.  However, if you are face up, on your side, standing, or any other position than face down, this is just not a problem.

To clean this blindfold, use a very slightly damp cloth.  Leather doesn’t take kindly to being wet.  You can also use a leather cleaner.  Be careful not to share this if you get any bodily fluids on it though.  Leather is porous, so it’ll never get 100% clean.

Master and me really love this blindfold.  It is absolutely perfect for blocking out light, and bringing just a bit of extra fear or fun to your sessions.  If you are looking for a blindfold, I highly recommend the pony blinders from Babeland.  5 blind paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out these blinders in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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