New Year’s Weekend

This past weekend went pretty well, all things considered.  The Monday before the long weekend I was working out, and I felt a muscle tear in my leg.  I iced it, stayed off it, applied Tiger Balm, put an Ace bandage on it, and took anti-inflammatories.  As you can tell, I’ve pulled a muscle or two in my time.  Well, by Friday it wasn’t getting better, so Master took me to the local Urgent Care, as my doctor couldn’t see me until after the new year.  After poking my sore leg this way and that, the doctor decided I strained my gracilis really well.  Awesome.  He gave me Valium for the intense muscle spasms, and told me that I could walk on it, or do anything I wanted – except for work out.  No cardio or strength training until this coming Friday.  Ok, works for me.  At least I know when I can be active again.

Master and me went home, and he settled me into my kitty nest.  Of course, as it turns out, I’m allergic to Valium.  Friday was a long night.

Saturday I woke up ready to have fun.  Master was up before me, and once he was up we ran out to get some mead.  Master had decided that he wanted mead while he played Skyrim, and what better drink for the New Year?  We piled into the car, and decided we were going to go on a little drive, since it was so gorgeous out.  On our drive, we noticed a little sex toy shop.  I honestly could not tell you the name.  We decided to go inside.

The shop itself was a dingy little shop, with Help Wanted signs all over the place.  We went inside and started looking around.  I whispered to Master that if there was anything he saw he liked, I could probably find it online cheaper than here, so to just point it out to me.  Truth was, everything had about a 50% markup on the prices I’m used to.  Still, we just wanted to look around.  As we came around to the front of the store, I noticed one of the workers was grinning and staring at me.  I wasn’t in the mood for consistent “eves dropping” on Master and my conversation, so I just looked over to him and said:

“You’re staring at me.  Did you need something?”

“Yeah, can I just see your I.D.  You look about 12.”

Of course I laughed it off, and Master handed the man my I.D.  (He keeps it in his wallet, not mine.)  He said that was fine, and let us keep walking around.  Of all the things in the store, there was really only a set of nipple clamps that either of us found remotely interesting.  As we left the store, I was a bit annoyed.  Yeah, I get that my ears make me look a lot younger than I am.  Still, 12?  Come on.  Does a twelve year old have D cup breasts?  I don’t know why, but I was just annoyed.

It is wonderful to look younger than my age.  When I am 50, I’ll probably look 35.  That’s great.  Sometimes though, I just get annoyed with the hassle I go through to enjoy things that I have a right to enjoy.  I know that he had a duty to make sure I wasn’t a child, but at the same time, I just wasn’t in the mood to handle it that day.

We got into the car, and headed back towards the apartment, this time on a mission to stop off for some mead.  We stopped at a nearby liquor store, and Master let me wander around and look at things.  Liquor stores are one of the few stores in which he lets me do this.  I think he is hoping that other liquors will tempt me, and I’ll become more interested in drinking.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to drink.  But, for me, it’s much more of an occasional thing.

After I wandered around, I found Master, who was still pouring over the labels on the mead bottles.  He’s not a fan of fruity flavors, so he was trying to find a mead that was just honey.  Not only did he find one, he found a local brand!  Huzzah!  We headed towards the counter, and Master put the bottle up for the woman to ring in.  He paid for our mead, and as we were about to leave, I reached for the bottle.  I usually carry packages or bags out of stores for Master.  It’s just one of my duties.  The woman stopped me, and said that Master had to carry it, because she hadn’t checked my I.D.


I don’t know why, but, again I was perturbed.  I’ve talked about being mistaken for someone underage in the past, and really, I usually don’t care.  I’ve even been denied liquor after showing people my I.D. because they are sure I’m using a fake I.D.  I never have, and I understand their desire to not get in trouble, but it just was not my day to be in the mood for that again.  I smiled outwardly, and Master carried the bottle to the car.  I was really angry inside though, because I am of legal age, and I should absolutely be carrying that bottle, not Master.  I exist to make his life easier, and while I know he wasn’t bothered as much as me by his carrying the bottle to the car, I was bothered enough for the both of us.

Despite that, we drove home relatively peacefully, with only minor gripes on my part about the bottle incident.  Master and me had lunch, and mainly spent the day watching Harry Potter movies.  We didn’t finish them all, but it was a fun little “marathon” for us.  We traded off between movies and video games.  Master wanted me to rest my leg, and so we did not wind up having sex.  Boo.

I will say that each year, New Year’s is just the silliest celebration to me.  I know that a lot of people love staying up late and enjoy bringing in the new year, but I could care less.  I would much rather be asleep by ten and just wake up to the New Year.  Master is different.  He told me that the New Year’s Eve kiss is one of the most important things to him, as far as holidays go.  Knowing that, it’s difficult to not want to stay up late..  But it really is just something I do for him.  It was difficult, and involved plenty of caffeine, but I managed it.  We kissed and snuggled at midnight, and then Master tucked me into bed, saying that he was glad he could start the year off right.  I am glad that I could do that little thing for him, and glad that it made him happy.

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  1. aww I wouldn’t let the ID thing bother you to much. I used to get asked for it all the time untill I hit about 23 lol then they stopped bothering. Now I am 25 and they never ask me. Guess I look old now lol. Though all my friends and my Master are older (Master and me have a age gap of 10 years). But your super cute anyway Kitty 🙂

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