Wax and Sisal Rope

The things which excite Master are circular.  We could have candles sitting in our toy chest for years, and he won’t be the least bit interested in them.  Then, suddenly, candles and wax are incorporated into everything for a couple weeks.  That’s what the last week has been like.  Our play started off innocently enough.  He had me kneel (then, sit crossed legged once my legs started going numb) on the floor on a pillow.

Arms Bound With Sisal

He put my advanced nipple suckers on me, which hurt a lot.  I had just started my period, and my breasts hurt very badly before he even started to play with me.  Normally, I don’t find the advanced nipple suckers to hurt me very badly.  It feels nice and suction-y, and a wee bit pinchy.  These felt worse than aligator clamps that night.  Go figure.

Master started to play with my nipples, and breasts, and after a couple of minutes he told me to lean back so he could make me more uncomfortable.  I did so, and felt something a bit spiky (but not overly so) between my legs.  He had put the toilet bowl brush attachment from our interchangeable gag kit between my legs, though  I didn’t know it until after he told me, later.

Sisal Rope On My Calves

After he had his fun with me from the front, he told me to lay down on my tummy, and I could feel him working on my calves with the sisal rope.

I love sisal rope.  I only learned about it this year, but it is so fun.  It is a much different texture than other ropes, including our hemp rope, which is scratchy too.  Sisal rope has these delicious little spikes on it which seem harmless at first.  As the tie goes into place, those little spikes start feeling a whole lot more appealing.  After a while I start to feel as though I am bound with needles.  Delicious.  One thing which I really love about rope work in general is that inescapable hug sensation.  I see other ropes as feeling like you’re hugging a dom.  Sisal is sort of like hugging a sadist.


Before The Wax Started Dripping

After Master got me all roped up, he started dripping the paraffin wax we have on me.  I love the hot drips, and feeling them makes me squirm a little, even though I try to contain it for Master.  He likes a still kitty.  Things really got fuzzy after the wax started pouring, so I don’t remember all of what we did.  (Though, thankfully there are pictures to remind me, this time).  I do know, that after some time, Master put a vibrator between my legs while he continued to drip.  I was given the Lelo Liv  in green for the holidays from a friend this year, and she is kind of perfect for these “legs together” positions.


I don’t know exactly when, but shortly after the wax Master started fingering me.  My cunt was so hungry for his dick, but his fingers felt so amazingly-squirtingly-good to me.  I’m getting wet just thinking about it again.  He used one hand to hold my legs high above my head, and the other hand to fuck my pussy.  I could tell that he was getting worked up too, because it didn’t take long from there for him to just take his hand out, and stick his dick inside of me.


During Fucking

Master does not typically take pictures during the actual fucking, but he got a couple this time.  You couldn’t see much though, because my “Mermaid tail” gets in the way.  Oddly, I didn’t notice him taking almost any of these pics.  Just one.  I must have been out of it.  (Not a bad thing).

Rope Marks

Master got a picture of my rope marks too.  He says they are pretty.  I agree.  I wish rope marks hung around longer, like bruises.  Still, what a fun time.  Afterwards, I actually managed to get some sleep that night.  I had been completely unable to sleep the night before, so this was just the trick I needed.  Move over, melatonin.  Bondage is the new medicine.

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